The Importance of Kitchen Design

Clay Cox

Clay Cox

Beauty, comfort, functionality, flow, organization, symmetry, lighting, ventilation, trends, storage, appliances, essentials and wishes. What do all these terms have in common? They are just some of the ideas, thoughts and processes a professional kitchen designer is required to consider long before the actual design begins.

What exactly does a kitchen designer do? A kitchen designer can help you plan the layout of the kitchen to maximize space and create functionality with remodels as well as new construction. Clients using a designer with knowledge of building codes, principles of design and construction will benefit greatly from their experience.

Kitchen remodels can be quite complicated. It is hard to know what’s behind those walls but our experience can point you in the right direction.

Along with getting to know you and what your dream kitchen would look like they also have to familiarize themselves with the space they will be working with. There are the essentials to be considered such as the size and shape of your kitchen, appliances to be incorporated, ventilation requirements and traffic flow needs.

From this foundation the creativity can begin.

I’ve always believed that we supply the only furniture included with your new home. How we perform can result in the peace and tranquility that you would expect or if the
design is taken lightly, with an uninvolved designer, you may end up feeling less than satisfied. One suggestion is to detail your lifestyle before you build your home to
insure everything is at it should be. Then happiness will be the order of the day when you finally get to live in the space you created.

Ultimately our goal is to have our customers come back and let us know how elated they are with their decisions and the final product, especially after they’ve lived with their new kitchen for a while. We too want no regrets for our family of customers.

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