Broadway-Themed Benefit Concert for The Naples Players This Saturday

Bryce Alexander TNP’s Executive Artistic Director

The Naples Players (TNP) announce a live-streaming, multi-act concert event entitled Broadway Live from Blackburn Hall set for Saturday, July 18 from 7-8:30 p.m. (EST).  The event features several musical numbers from both classic and modern Broadway shows performed live on-stage at The Naples Players iconic 5th Avenue South location.

The concert is free to watch online at and on The Naples Players Facebook and YouTube pages.  The audience will be able to comment and interact with the performers in real-time via social media streaming.

Local artists including Jesse and Amy Hughes of the duo Chariot, Charles Fornara, Dawn Lebrecht Fornara, Randall Kenneth Jones, Alyssa Lee, Elizabeth Marcantonio, and David Shaffer are confirmed to perform.

The non-profit community theatre has lost an estimated $750,000 in revenue since March 12 due to show cancellations, ticket refunds, and season subscription delays. During the concert, viewers can donate in real time to support the organization’s continued efforts to provide virtual education and entertainment to the Naples community while the theatre remains closed.

For more information visit or call the box office at (239) 263-7990.

Inn on Fifth Offering Best of “Inn-ternational” Travel this Summer

New three-night Club Level package bundles European-style getaway in Naples, Florida

For most, a trip abroad is out of the picture for now, but the Inn on Fifth & Club Level Suites is inviting travelers to enjoy a European-style summer vacation in the heart of Naples – Florida, not Italy. The new Inn-ternational Getaway package at the Inn on Fifth offers a three-day journey for two packed with plenty of global appeal, close to home. In addition to luxurious Club Level Suite accommodations and amenities, the package includes a multinational mix of culinary experiences, pampered perks, and exotic outings, including a scenic river cruise, all just blocks away from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Starting at just $1,745* for two guests, the Inn-ternational Getaway package must be booked before Aug. 1 for a stay before Oct. 25.

“Our Gulf of Mexico beaches rival some of the best in Spain, Greece or Italy, and Fifth Avenue is graced with Mediterranean-inspired architecture and many highly rated restaurants, galleries and shops with international flair; it gives our walkable downtown Naples a very Euro-centric feel,” said Phil McCabe, owner of the Inn on Fifth. “Naples blends international influences and tropical luxury to create its own unique cosmopolitan style, and this new package makes the Inn on Fifth the best place to experience it all.”

The Inn-ternational Getaway package includes the following for two guests:

Even the most seasoned of international jetsetters appreciate the hotel’s Club Level Suites, with world-class service and exclusive concierge level amenities, as well as the stylish interiors, sensuous bedding, and designer bath amenities of their spacious, luxurious suite. Club Level guests also enjoy a range of pampering services and exclusivity, including a private rooftop sundeck and whirlpool spa for luxurious relaxation. Guests also have access to daily deluxe Continental breakfast, afternoon snacks and evening cocktails with appetizers; complimentary transportation to and from the Naples Airport and around downtown in our luxury Bentley SUV.

The Inn on Fifth is taking extra measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, with a new program of cleaning protocols and safety guidelines in every department designed to protect the health and well-being of guests and staff. A complete description of the hotel’s 5-star commitment to cleanliness can be read online.

Ideally located on Fifth Avenue in stylish downtown Naples, The Inn on Fifth gives guests easy access to a celebrated collection of restaurants and shops, many of which have reopened as of May 4, following recent orders from the State of Florida. Guests can also enjoy an easy stroll or take complimentary transportation to the white sand beaches of the emerald Gulf, which are now open and just a few short blocks from the hotel.

To make a reservation or for more information, call the sales office at 239-280-2703 or email

 * Does not include taxes. Limited time offer. Must book before August 1, 2020 for a stay before October 25, 2020. Other restrictions may apply.

 About The Inn on Fifth & Club Level Suites

Located in the heart of downtown Naples, the AAA Four-Diamond, Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Inn on Fifth features 119 luxurious rooms, including 32 Club Level Suites, in two iconic buildings, just steps from one another across Fifth Avenue. The hotel’s enviable location puts guests in the middle of a celebrated collection of award-winning shops and restaurants, including Ocean Prime and Truluck’s Seafood, Steak and Crab House, and the Spa on Fifth, which are all located at the Inn. Guests can enjoy an easy stroll or take complimentary transportation to the white sand beaches of the emerald Gulf, just a few short blocks from the property.  For more information, visit

Food and Beverage service at Inn on Fifth

 Club Level

Food and beverage service protocol has been re-created to keep all our guests and staff safe.

The Club Level Lounge is open for guests to enjoy the food and beverage that is included in their suite. Guests have the choice of coming to the lounge or they may request to be served in their suite or on the club level roof top.

Social Distancing is being observed and furniture is arranged accordingly in all areas of the hotel.  In lieu of the typical buffet style service, breakfast and hors d’oeuvres will be individually plated and wrapped and cocktails will  be poured and served by a concierge.  Individually packaged snacks will remain available in the lounge.  A Concierge is on duty from 7am until 11pm daily to attend to your service preferences.  The rooftop deck is open and available for guests at all times.

Main Building

Traditional room service is replaced with a no-contact delivery method. Room service staff will wear masks and gloves, and deliver all food and beverage in sealed containers to the guest rooms or the Courtyard.  Food and beverage service is currently offered at the pool and courtyard from 11am until 8pm.  Our concierge can assist you with options for food and beverage delivery after 8pm.



DLC to Host Ribbon of Hope Virtual Fundraiser

Messages of hope represented by ribbons tied to Tree of Hope bayan tree on main campus                                                                                                      

This July, David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC), Collier County’s only comprehensive, not-for-profit behavioral health provider serving children, adults and families, invites the community to share a message of hope for those with mental health or substance use challenges and all frontline workers, medical professionals, first responders and hospitality workers through its Ribbon of Hope virtual fundraiser.

Each message will be represented by a colorful ribbon tied to the branches of DLC’s enormous and sprawling Tree of Hope banyan tree on the main Golden Gate Parkway campus. The tree, planted in the 80s by clients, represents how one seed can grow into a beautiful centerpiece – unshakable even in the fiercest of storms. The ribbons represent how a strong community of donors are essential to providing and spreading hope. All of the messages will be displayed on

DLC has seen an increase in requests for services tied to depression, anxiety, substance use and other symptoms due to the unknowns of COVID-19 and the impact to their lives. As many families face financial strain and hardships, DLC expects a ripple effect in the future and stands ready to face an increase in the nation’s ongoing mental health crisis – including suicide and addiction-related events – as many people will feel disarray in their lives for some time due to the virus. Donations are desperately needed more than ever offset the increased demand for services, both now and into the future.

“Mental illness and substance use are community issues that require community solutions,” said Scott Burgess, David Lawrence Center President and CEO. “The Tree of Hope’s roots holding up the limbs are like friends, family, and community, lifting one another up with hope. We can’t think of a better place to represent the community’s support of the healing that happens every day on this campus then on our gorgeous banyan tree. During these trying times, we welcome all to partner with us through this creative virtual fundraiser to ensure care is always available to those in need.”

Ribbons are a minimum donation of $25 and can be purchased at For more information, call 239-354-1445 or e-mail

The community is encouraged to visit DLC’s campus at their convenience in early August to see the decorated Tree of Hope, which will serve as a powerful visual and colorful reminder of a community coming together during extraordinarily challenging circumstances.

About David Lawrence Center

Southwest Florida nonprofit David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC) is a national leader providing compassionate, advanced, and exceptional mental health, substance use, and integrated healthcare solutions, available for children, adolescents and adults. DLC’s innovative treatment includes inpatient, outpatient, residential, and community-based services – a comprehensive system of care funded by community and government support. Each year, DLC serves more than 9,800 people through over 276,000 treatment sessions. To learn more, please call 239-455-8500 or visit



Project HELP has been providing free and confidential services to victims of rape, violence, crime and sudden traumatic loss of a loved one for over 34 years. We serve all crime victims of Collier County with crisis counseling, therapy, civil and criminal advocacy, support groups and a 24/7 Crisis and Sexual Assault HELPline (239) 262-7227/(800)329-7227.

During these trying times with COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, along with social distancing,  working remotely, and not having much interaction with other people, we know that depression is a tough battle to conquer. Nearly 17 million people are diagnosed with depression in the United States each year. Symptoms of depression may include being in a depressed mood for most of the day, a decreased interest in activities that were once pleasurable to the individual, significant unintentional weight loss or gain, too much sleep or too little sleep, agitation, fatigue or a decrease in energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, a decrease in ability to concentrate, and reoccurring thoughts of death and/or suicide.

If these feelings persist longer than two weeks and they are disrupting your work, your social life, and/or your school, then please seek help, talk to your therapist or doctor. If you are feeling suicidal, please reach out to 1-800-273-TALK.

Also know that if you just need to talk or brainstorm how to cope during depression Project Help has a 24/7 crisis HELPline, (239) 262-7227, staffed with people who will listen and who will provide coping skills, brainstorm ways to help yourself and help you to find the resources you need if you are seeking help for depression.

If you are already receiving help for depression or you feel like you may be depressed but want to see if you can do anything on your own to lessen your feelings of depression, then continue reading. However, please, do not hesitate to seek help or talk to someone about the way you are feeling. Call a best friend, a trusted co-worker, a parent or sibling, or if you cannot think of anyone in your social support circle, then give Project Help’s crisis HELPline a call, and we will be there for you.

Four ways to decrease feelings of depression:

1. Exercise! Exercising and physical activities cause neurons in your brain to increase the amount of serotonin that is released. Scientists have found that a decrease, lacking, or absence of serotonin in the brain is correlated to an increase in feelings of depression. You are probably thinking to yourself, “that sounds great, but I am not going to spend money on a gym membership, I do not have the time, etc”. Well there are some free resources that you can do from home that will help you to incorporate more exercise into your life.

YouTube! YouTube is full of hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of videos that are posted by people like you and I every single day. There are thousands of videos with work out routines that you can do from home. Just search for “exercise videos” in the search bar on the YouTube homepage. Try it, you’ll be happy you did.

You can find a free running program easily on the internet. It’s called “Couch to 5K”. It is a program designed to gradually introduce you to running by starting with walking and running intervals. You can find the written description of the program There are also iPhone and Android phone apps that will allow you to play your own music and will prompt you when to run and when to walk.

If none of these suggestions or examples work for you, then just get out and walk. Take your dog for a walk, find a nice park with some good scenery and walk around, take a walk around your work place during your lunch break. Do what
you can and what you feel comfortable with, that is all that matters. If you try to incorporate some exercise into your every day routine, that is the important part. The first step is usually the hardest, but if you can do just that, then you should be proud of yourself.

2. Eat healthy. If you put junk into your body, then you will feel like junk. The same goes for the opposite end of that spectrum, if you put good, healthy things into your body, then you will feel good and healthy. Use the resources you have available to you. Use the internet to find healthy recipes. Invite a friend over to be your taste tester.

3. Get some sun! There is a subset of depression called SAD, which stands for Seasonal Affect Disorder. This disorder usually affects those who live in climates that are typically cold during the fall and winter, not at all like Florida, and when it stays darker longer.

People who lives in states like Alaska are usually at risk for SAD and they must take  precautions, like using artificial lighting, to avoid feeling sad (see what I did there?).

However, the absence of getting regular sunlight can also affect your mood. Try to spend 15 minutes outdoors (like while you are outside walking or running your new Couch to 5K program) in the sunlight (with adequate amounts of sunscreen of course), which should be no problem considering we live in Southwest Florida.

4. Laugh. Scientists have done studies that have found that the simple act of smiling can increase feelings of happiness. Find at least one reason to smile a day. If you cannot do that, then again, use your resources. Go onto YouTube and search for cat videos. Do a google search for your favorite types of jokes. Have a friend text you once a day with a funny story.

Do something to incorporate some humor into your life. Try as hard as you can to look on the positive side of things. Do not look at the glass as half-full or half empty. Just look at the glass and be grateful that there is something in there. So, try this, right now, try smiling for the next three minutes. I am sure you will feel something change in your day.

Depression is hard. However, you do not have to fight it alone. Seek help if you are unsure of the path you are taking. Talk to someone. It does not have to be a professional. It can be a friend, co-worker, or a parent. Also keep in mind that Project Help is here for you 24/7, (239) 262-7227, we have hotline staff that is ready and able to help you figure out the next step.

Project Help is your local rape crisis center offering FREE & CONFIDENTIAL services. Services may include evidence collection, exam, immediate crisis intervention, working with law enforcement if reporting, counseling groups, court assistance, information and referrals, and our 24-hour hotline.

If you need HELP…call our hotline: 239-262-7227

William Douglass Candidate for District 1 County Commissioner …Have you met?

My name is William Douglass and I am a proud results-oriented conservative Republican.

In 1984 I moved from Ohio to Collier County to manage a local restaurant. Three years later I found my love in serving my community, as a firefighter with East Naples Fire Department.  After 30 years of service, recently retired as Act. Battalion Chief/lieutenant with the Greater Naples Fire District. I am proud to have served my community, both professionally and civically, and with my wife of 30 years, Lisa, raised two amazing children, Kayla (28), Tyler (23).

My life’s work has been involved in making our community a better and a safer place to live. I believe talk without action means little. Character, dedication and commitment to others is the fingerprint we leave behind on what we touch. Service to others first is my credo.

As a first responder, I saw first-hand the various needs in our community – needs that too often remained unmet. In 1989, I helped reestablish the Naples Jaycees after several years of dormancy. As president, I listened to this community, rallied my membership and established a July 4th Fireworks and Festival that raised funding to meet the needs of our community.

The Jaycee Creed states that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life…and service to humanity is the best work of life. My life embodies this. I have worked with youth organizations and countless local and national agencies. From veterans to disaster victims, I have assisted individuals in crisis to improve their lives.

I believe in fiscal responsibility and common-sense solutions not bureaucratic ones. It’s about people, not politics.  As County Commissioner I will preserve our low tax rate, sustain our quality of life and safety, improve traffic flow, requires smart growth and advocate for workforce, senior, and veteran housing.

I believe we must safeguard our precious natural resources – clean water, clean air, and pristine coastlines. I will work to attract and retain local businesses to expand the tax base.

Service is in my blood. It is the main reason I am running for District 1 Commissioner. My tenure is a testament to my unwavering support for my community. Retiring made me realize I am not done yet – I have more to give.

 I can’t do this without you, I need your vote, on August 18th.

Vote for me if you want a full-time commissioner with 35 years of knowledge, experience, community service and protection of your quality of life and safety, I am the only candidate that has this experience and qualification to lead from Day 1.

Bruce Buchanan A candidate for Seat 4, Collier Mosquito Control District

I am a Veteran having served in the 32nd Army Air Defense Command, stationed at the United States Air Force headquarters in Europe. Upon leaving the Service I embarked upon a 28 year career in radio/broadcasting. This took me throughout America in the roles of program director, operations manager, consultant and youngest TV news anchor/news director. I had the privilege of watching history be made when I produced and directed on-site coverage of the Berlin Wall for a Washington based radio group in 1989.

I have earned both a United States Coast Guard Captain License and FAA Private Pilot Certificate. These have allowed me to work, travel and explore the United States and Caribbean. My career choices have given me the abilities to think both strategically and tactically accompanied by finely honed planning, organizational and budgeting skills.

Since 1997 my family has resided in Naples, putting down roots to raise a family. With that part now behind me my attention focused on aviation and my co-piloting cats. I am involved in bringing our community’s youth into the fold to allow them the chance to discover flying through the EAA’s Young Eagles free flight opportunities and the airplane building Naples Youth Aviation Project.

As a Naples Airport tour guide since 2015, I have visited the Collier County Mosquito Control District facility many times and I am familiar with the operation.  My goal in joining the Collier Mosquito Control District Seat #4 is to provide fiscal and safety monitoring for an operation needed to continue the highest quality of life in our county.



Naples Senior Center, a nonprofit organization that supports and enriches the lives of seniors and their families in Collier and southern Lee counties, today announced that it has further broadened its experienced leadership with the appointment of supporters Steven Coplin, Marsha B. Karp and John F. Levy to its Board of Trustees.

“The addition of these three experienced individuals to our board adds to the depth of business expertise and community support on our board,” said Dr. Jaclynn Faffer, President/CEO of the Naples Senior Center. “Their service and guidance will help ensure that Naples Senior Center remains the leading advocate for seniors in our community.”

Coplin is Senior Portfolio Manager and Founder of The Coplin Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley. With more than 30 years of experience, Coplin caters to the wide ranging and complex financial needs of high and ultra-high net worth individuals, families and institutions. He also has earned the distinction of Family Wealth Director, allowing him direct access to Morgan Stanley’s Family Wealth Advisory Services.

Karp is retired after a successful career as a finance professional with several leading companies. Most recently, she was Chief Financial Officer of Proamics Inc., a global provider of software solutions. Before that, she was CFO of Fluid Dynamics, Inc. in Chicago. Karp is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and was a licensed CPA in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

John Levy

Levy served as founding President and CEO for Waban Inc., a public company and major participant in the field of warehouse merchandising through its HomeBase and BJ’s Wholesale Club businesses. He also spent 20 years with Zayre Corp and its subsidiaries running various merchandising divisions and store operations. Levy holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Trinity College and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Naples Senior Center opened its doors in January 2014 and is the only human services agency of its kind in our community. The center provides comprehensive programs and social services for seniors, giving them the tools to address life’s challenges. Beginning with just 80 initial members, the center has expanded to more than 1,400 members today.

Naples Senior Center provides critical programs and services addressing the emotional and social needs of seniors in Collier and southern Lee counties. All services are provided by licensed and credentialed professionals in the field of aging. They include Structured Dementia Respite Support; Geriatric Case Management and Senior Outreach Programs; and Emotional Support Services as well as a “choice” Food Pantry.

An average of 40 different social, educational and wellness programs are also offered each week thanks to a dedicated corps of over 200 trained and vetted volunteers. Among the programs are a “Hot Lunch and More;” classes in art, music and film; brain fitness and educational seminars; courses in computer science; physical health; and card games.

On March 18 th , Naples Senior Center was forced to close the doors to its building due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The building remains closed indefinitely to members, clients and volunteers. The staff has quickly pivoted and is now offering many programs and services virtually as well as a weekly delivery of meals and food to at-risk seniors.

Contact: Dr. Jaclynn Faffer   Naples Senior Center   239-325-4444

Marsha Karp

Steven Coplin

NAMI Collier County Receives Grant to Help People with Mental Health Issues

NAMI Collier County Receives Grant to Help People with Mental Health Diagnoses During COVID-19

NAMI Collier County is a local non-profit that provides services to those affected by mental illnesses.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have closed their offices to the public, but are still safely working from a distance to help their members with support, groups, peer services, and food.  On March 30th, Trinity-by-the-Cove church chose NAMI Collier as the recipient of a generous emergency grant to address the need for food in the community.  Since many people with a mental health diagnosis live on fixed incomes below the poverty level, they rely on food pantries and community resources to subsidize their basic needs.  For those families who care for one or more children with social, emotional, or behavioral challenges, the added challenges of school being cancelled while needing to provide meals throughout the day can also add to heightened stress levels.

The goal of the grant is to provide ongoing food support that is delivered, without contact, directly to the doorsteps of the families and people who typically engage with NAMI Collier’s various programs.  Last year alone, the Sarah Ann Drop-In Center had 7,241 visits and the HUGS Children’s Program helped over 400 families navigate the system of services for their children after completing over 2,200 screenings throughout Collier County.  Following the social-distancing guidelines during this crisis, many of these people are now left with exacerbated symptoms of depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

NAMI Collier has already delivered food to 74 people and will continue to do so until the crisis endsand it is safe for people to ride public transit to visit food pantries.  Using precautions like gloves and masks, staff members are putting together cases of canned goods and other staples, bags of healthy kids’ snacks,and fresh produce obtained from a partnership with Meals of Hope.

Just as the need for food is vital for the NAMI Collier community, protecting their mental wellness is also a top priority.  NAMI Collier is holding support groups via Zoom, doing daily check-in phone calls with members, posting coping skills and helpful information on their Facebook page, and continuing to answer their main phone line to help with resource and referral information.  The overall feelings of isolation, anger, grief, and fear that are being discussed daily in those groups reflect what many in our community are feeling throughout this unprecedented situation.  The act of delivering care package is not just about the food. It shows people that someone cares and is thinking about their well-being.

If you or someone you know is in need of someone to talk to, or need information about mental health, please contact NAMI Collier County’s main office at (239)260-7300.  For helpful tips and coping skills, please follow their Facebook page, NAMI Collier County.  To make a donation to help their ongoing efforts or to support one of their programs, visit and use the ‘Donate’ button located at the top right of the homepage or mail a check made payable to NAMI Collier at 6216 Trail Blvd., Bldg C, Naples, FL 34108.

Pamela Baker, Executive Director (239) 671-8646     

NAMI Collier County

6216 Trail Blvd, Bldg C     Naples, FL 34108


Harwick Homes Builds and Transforms Luxury Homes in Naples’ Most Exclusive Communities

The kitchen of a private residence, prior to renovation, in The Estuary at Grey Oaks.

Harwick Homes, a luxury custom homebuilder and full-service remodeling firm ranked #48 among North America’s top 100 firms by Remodeling magazine in 2019, has been building and remodeling homes of distinction in Southwest Florida for more than 30 years.

The company continues to expand its dedicated presence incNaples’ most highly regarded communities, including Grey Oaks and its sister development The Estuary at Grey Oaks, Pelican Bay, Mediterra, and Olde Cypress.

During the last 20 years alone, Harwick Homes has built more than 21 luxurious new homes in Grey Oaks and 15 in The Estuary at Grey Oaks.

“As we continue to experience increased new client referrals, particularly in Naples, we are pleased to be undertaking not only more projects, but projects which are more significant in scope,” says Harwick Homes President Mark Smith.

Most recently, the company completed two renovation projects for private clients in Estuary. One of the projects consisted of a complete interior renovation, while the other project transformed a master bath into a light-filled oasis for clients who had originally contracted with Harwick Homes to build their residence.

An “after” view of the newly renovated kitchen by Harwick Homes in The Estuary at Grey Oaks.

In Grey Oaks, the company is currently remodeling five residences. These projects range from a major pool deck and lanai renovation, to a residential reroof, kitchen renovation, master suite renovation and window replacement, to a whole home interior renovation with the addition of a cabana.

In addition to the construction of a new custom estate home in Pelican Bay, which is currently underway, Harwick Homes recently built a new, 17,221 square-feet-under-roof custom estate home in Mediterra.

Other projects within the award winning Mediterra community include a whole home interior remodel and outdoor living addition, and the renovation of a home’s two guest suites with the addition of a two car garage.

In Olde Cypress, Harwick is undertaking the interior renovation of a home’s kitchen and bathrooms.

“We truly enjoy working with our clients and industry partners to transform their ideas into the home of their dreams,” says Shane Klepko, Harwick Homes Vice President and Partner. “We look forward to adding our detailed touches to create and enhance the designs of many more luxury homes in the future.”

Harwick Homes has been building and remodeling homes of distinction Southwest Florida for over 30 years, creating new luxury homes priced from $1 million to more than $10 million in many of the region’s most exclusive neighborhoods and communities.

The company also builds private residences on individual home sites along the Gulf of Mexico.

Harwick Homes’ remodeling division was ranked #48 among the top 100 firms in North America (2019), and offers full service interior and exterior renovations, additions and estate management services.

Harwick Homes is located at 3368 Woods Edge Circle, Unit 101 in Bonita Springs, Florida. For more information, call (239) 498-0801, email or visit