Full Page Bleed
9.25 w x 11.125 h
(Leave 1/2” in from trim for safety. Final trim size is 9 x 10.875)

Full Page Non-Bleed
8.5 w x 10.375 h

Two Thirds Vertical
5.25 w x 9.875 h

One Third Vertical
2.5 w x 9.875 h

Half Vertical
3.875 w x 9.875 h

Half Horizontal
8 w x 4.8125 h

Quarter Page
3.9 w x 4.8125 h

One Sixth Vertical
2.5 w x 4.8125 h

Political Rates
Full Page: $1,000

Downloadable Rate Card


Please submit a press quality PDF, TIFF or JPEG in CMYK color, minimum of 300 dpi.
All files should be flattened and text converted to paths to avoid any font issues.
Email files to: lifeinnaplesreg@gmail.com or creative@lifeinnaples.net