It’s Summer – and nothing’s better than warm beer

by Erick Carter

by Erick Carter

Guess what, your grandmother was right. Washing your hair with beer is good for it. Beer is loaded with malts and hops, and is packed with protein. Proteins strengthen your
hair and are used in shampoos as volumizers. And of course beer contains alcohol (what’s the point otherwise) which contains sugars and vitamin B, that is great for natural

A simple way to capitalize off of beer’s benefits is to make a mixture of 25 percent beer and 75 percent of a mild shampoo.

The shampoo is going to help with the cleansing process. Of course things mix better when they are warmer, so heat the beer first before mixing. For a conditioner
mix about a cup of warm beer with Argan oil or jojoba oil.

Just in case you’re wondering, I prefer Budweiser Select, it’s always in my fridge.

So put some beer in a spray bottle and use it when you’re basking in the sun, works better for your hair if you keep it out of the cooler.

Have a great summer.

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