Nine Apps for Every Smartphone Owner

Most everyone has a smartphone, and the little programs that run on smartphones are called apps. With tens of millions of apps available, how do you know which ones are right for you? I will tell you about some of the most useful apps I have used on my own devices, I think if you try them you’ll be happy! They will all work on both iOS and Android devices unless noted after the app title.


Read dozens of your favorite novels on your device with one of these apps. With millions of bestselling books, magazines, comics and more, you’ll always find a great adventure to get lost in. Plenty of fiction, romance, history, business and sci-fi stories are available – so download one of these apps and start reading today!


Don’t wait around for the weather report to come on to head out the door, with this app you’ll receive real-time forecasts, current conditions and detailed weather maps to help you plan your day accordingly. Since it uses your phone’s GPS, you will always have the current local forecast and conditions even when away from home!

medisafe3. MEDISAFE

Have you ever forgotten to take your medications, supplements or vitamins on time? With this app, you’ll never have to worry about missing a dose again. It helps you manage pill usage and can also track your blood pressure and weight. You can even send your medication reports directly to your doctor, nurse or family member.

canera4. CAMERA+ (IOS ONLY)

If you have an iPhone and want to have a little more control over your photos both while taking and editing, Camera+ is the app for you. This is the app I use most often for taking photos with my phone, and you can adjust focus, shutter speed and ISO in an intuitive and easy to navigate interface. The filters and effects are a great way to add some life to otherwise dull photos.


This app has over 50,000 recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs. Looking for a recipe that you just saw as the show ended? You can quickly find it here! Healthy, Weeknight Dinners, Quick and Easy and Kid-Friendly are among the many categories you can choose from to find the perfect meal for you and your family members to enjoy.

uber6. UBER

Uber connects you with a driver who will pick you up from your front door within minutes and take you to your destination – and it’s about the same price as a taxi. And it’s easy to use: Just tap the screen to set your location, request the ride, enter your destination and let the driver take care of everything else. And just tap again when it’s time to go home! No cash is needed as your credit card is safely stored in the app and never changes hands.

facebook7. FACEBOOK

With Facebook installed on your phone, you can instantly check updates, messages, notifications, and posts through your phone. It is an easy way to communicate with friends, family, and relatives immediately directly from your Smartphone. The Facebook app also allows users to instantly update their status and upload photos anytime and anywhere. Beware of syncing your phone contacts with Facebook, as all your Facebook friends will appear in your address book and calendar.

flipboard8. FLIPBOARD

This app helps users stay updated with all the latest news updates from all around the globe. It has an intuitive design and has a friendly user interface. It allows users to stay updated with the latest news and social media happenings. Flipboard also allows its users to save news and contents for later reading using other apps.

whatsapp9. WHATSAPP WhatsApp lets the users send messages and make free calls from their smartphone to other WhatsApp users. Through WhatsApp, one can send photos, videos, contact, location, and documents to other users. By installing the WhatsApp account and syncing with your contact list, you can easily see the names of WhatsApp users present in your contact list. However, you need to have active internet connection or Wi-Fi to access the app… and avoid charges while traveling out of the country!

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