An Attitude of Gratitude


Concierge Medicine I am most grateful for my family. My children are happy and healthy and either gainfully employed or working hard at school. I am especially grateful for my wife who keeps our family centered and on whom I can rely. Finally, I am very grateful for the Naples community. It is an incredibly beautiful, safe and wonderful place to live, and, seems to get better every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

RICK LOCASTRO Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret)

I’m thankful for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Watching our Olympians in Rio waving our flag to celebrate their achievements was exciting… But I’m most thankful for those who fought for that flag and who continue to fight for it across the globe every day proudly wearing the uniform. Their service, sacrifice, and the courage of those who did the same before them is extraordinary. They all have my sincere thanks, my admiration, and my respect. We can’t thank THEM enough. Never miss an opportunity to shake the hand of a veteran and thank THEM for their dedicated service. Our personal thanks means more to them than we often realize… and their service has meant more to our country and the freedoms we have… than many remember.

DAVE ELLIOTT Celebrity Radio Host

Being thankful is easier done than said if you stop to think about it, but I wonder how many of us say it? Admittedly I don’t say it as much as I probably should. But here’s what I’m thankful for: First and foremost, my family: My wife, Eileen, who makes my life full (and organized). For my very active 10-year-old, Maggie, for keeping me feeling young and up on the latest Cool Kids music on Pandora. For living in this slice of heaven and making the decision to do so 23 years ago. For the privilege of being in the presence of so many great, kind and generous people on an almost-daily basis. And for the cats, Cinder and Ella, who make one realize that there are creatures great and small on this earth who all need each other.

FRANCIS ROONEY Congressional Candidate, Southwest Florida

“I am eternally thankful for the opportunities and freedoms we have in this country. We owe our gratitude to the brave Americans who have come before us and built this country, in addition to the members of our nation’s military and their families for the sacrifices endured while defending the freedoms that make America exceptional.”

ALLEN WEISS M.D. President and CEO NCH Healthcare Systems

“I continue to be thankful for the privilege of helping everyone in Southwest Florida live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Being a member of a team of 4,300 compassionate and competent caregivers who are dedicated to the noble profession of helping others is a continuing source of energy and inspiration.”


As this Holiday Season approaches I am thankful for the following and not necessarily in the order that I list them (smile) My wife Chris, my children and my eight grandchildren. My rescue Bulldog Zsa-Zsa and my two rescue cats Ava and Maggie. My friends, they know who they are! My health. Being Mayor of the City of Naples. The people that I serve with on our Naples City Council. The great staff and employees of our City. Living in a generous and giving community. And at least a hundred more!

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