Erick Carter

Spring is approaching. This may be the ideal time to try something new with your hair.

A pop of highlighting may just be what you need and for a brighter look for your hair. Start with soft highlights. For longer or medium length hair, highlights that fall underneath can be soft and give a hint of summer to come. Just make sure the highlights work with your cut. Keeping your highlights off the surface is great for low maintenance. For shorter styles, I would suggest starting with a few highlights, keeping them off the hairline. Why? The more you highlight around the hair line, the more maintenance is required.

Don’t think of highlights as always having to be blonde. It’s important to factor in skin tone, eye color, and your current color services necessary. For example, if your color is a warm brunette a nice caramel highlight may be more suitable than blonde.

Spring is a good time to try something new. Highlights are a quick and easy way to achieve that new look.

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