We are in full season again and I don’tmean the holiday season as that hasalready passed.

I refer to the return of our seasonal Naples homeowners who are here for the weather (and the shopping we hope).Typically, we at Kitchens by Clay, realize an increased interest in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms during this time of year and this year will be no exception. I would like to offer some guidance as to the best way to go about your cabinet shopping so your experience doesn’t end up being like a root canal.

First you should decide the direction, style and amount of work you would like to do. Next you should take some time thinking about how much you would like to invest and then start looking. Seek out the local professional in your area. You can do this by stopping at Kitchens by Clay and asking questions, or go on-line for a quick peek at what’s available or my favorite way which is to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

One of the most important things you can do is to check out the showroom. The condition of the displays is very telling. How about the greeting you get when you walk in? This will immediately demonstrate attention to service or the lack of. Do you get the feeling that they want to sell you everything from soup to nuts or are they happy to specialize in your kitchen design and offer help to get everything else you might need? Another qualifier would be to give them a small task and ask that they get back to you in a specific short period of time. If they commit to this and do not get back to you look elsewhere as precedence has just been set. If you receive a price that is vastly lower than the rest, do not hire that company. If you have waited weeks for someone to call you back do not hire that company. Let common sense lead you.

If you find someone who is truly interested in you, your family and your lifestyle, someone who responds to you even better than you expect then that’s the one you should hire. Hire them even if it costs a little more than the next guy. It is a fact that nobody likes a root canal so why would you set yourself up for that type of experience with your kitchen remodel.

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Enjoy your remodel,

Clay Cox

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