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Let’s Hear it for the Boy

Chameleon Asscher diamond men's ring, accented by color baguette

Stylish men’s 3-stone diamond ring, accented by 4 rows of color brilliant side stones, 18K white and rose gold. Credit; LEIBISH

Our caption is a hummable tune from that classic 80s film Footloose. Once we hear those lyrics we can’t get them out of our head. But it’s also a clarion call to keep the men in our lives enjoying the same luxuries that we often do.

Usually, we devote much of this column to fascinating women’s jewelry. Innovative designers give us plenty to admire. And we love seeing the result of what craftsmanship and imagination in the jewelry niche can produce.

The Man Ring

But let’s not neglect our men who have a cultivated taste for jewelry all their own. This month we’ve got some elegant ideas to share that will appeal to the masculine sensibility. Some of the traits found in fine men’s jewelry are the proportions of the piece itself and the nuanced shades of gemstones that can turn a ring into the statement piece he’ll come back to time and again.

For a classic look that stands the test of time—while still looking current year after year, consider the understated elegance of fancy color diamonds in shades that complement the wardrobe colors that men love.

Chameleon Asscher diamond men’s ring, accented by color baguette side stones, 18K white gold. Credit; LEIBISH

LEIBISH, known for its ravishing fancy color diamonds the world over, suggests subtle but oh-so-striking color diamonds for their men’s ring category. These natural wonders from the earth are suitable for a man who knows a thing or two about style and value. And importantly, he doesn’t need to broadcast it.

Those Fancy Colors

Notice the refined shades of the diamonds shown here that are so well suited for a man. The 3-stone band ring features fancy brown diamonds. The single stone Asscher cut diamond ring flaunts a rare chameleon diamond, one of the most coveted diamond colors for the connoisseur.

Change is Good

Chameleon diamonds display one color in its stable setting; But when the stone is stored in darkness for a while, or is subjected to intense heat, it temporarily changes to a completely different hue before reverting to its stable tint. This exciting phenomenon is infinitely repeatable. It’s a true prize for a savvy collector.

So whether you’d like to give a man in your life a special piece that becomes his signature jewelry, or you’re a gentleman who knows it’s the right time to self-purchase, these ideas should bring inspiration.

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