Naples Airport: by Chris Rozansky, Executive Director, Naples Airport Authority

Reflections of our Philanthropic Community

Southwest Florida is a world-class destination attracting both  beach-loving vacationers and newly planted residents who enjoy our unmatched quality of life, and at Naples Airport Authority (NAA), we are pleased to be the first impression as we welcome many of them to our community.

Many NAA arrivals are high profile individuals who call Naples their home. In fact, a recent study revealed that 80 percent of the arrivals passing through our main terminal are local homeowners, some of which make generous philanthropic contributions in our community. They value the airport’s convenient location which provides a vital link to their business locations, as well as their professional and personal interests.

Whether Naples is their home  full-time or part-time, these people demonstrate a commitment to our community through their time and resources, providing an incredible impact on our economy.

The 2022 Florida Aviation Economic Impact Study reports that the Naples Airport contributes significantly to our economy by accommodating customers and tenants who generously support
community service and philanthropy, which are at the heart of Naples. The study – conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation – recognized that NAA had accommodated events and individuals that contributed $780 million annually to our community.

But the numbers alone do not tell the whole story. The airport is committed to connecting residents and visitors to Naples with a safe, exceptional airport experience that keeps them returning. We are proud to provide a warm welcome to our subtropical paradise that includes unrivaled customer service, beautiful facilities featuring tropical accents, and even a special-blend, subtle scent in our terminal – many say it reminds them of suntan oil and vanilla.

Annually, we receive hundreds of guests who attend the renowned Naples Wine Festival, which attracts
participants from around the globe. This event generates millions of dollars for youth programs in our
community each year. In 2023 alone, these residents and visitors generously raised nearly $26 million
for children’s causes.

Another philanthropic annual event with a strong connection to the airport is the Cars On Fifth Concours.  For more than a decade, one of our tenants has hosted a VIP experience as part of the event. The combined proceeds from ticket sales for the on-site experience at the airport, and those collected during Cars On Fifth, over $500,000 was raised in 2023, all of which stayed in our community to benefit St. Matthews House.

While special events may attract charitable visitors who arrive through our “gateway,” many philanthropic -minded residents — our “customers”—have onsite leases to house their aircraft or they regularly use one of the charter services based at NAA.

Healthcare providers such as the Naples Community Hospital (NCH) and the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida are made possible through these many contributions. Several well-known philanthropists who have made significant contributions to the NCH cardiac institute are regular NAA

Cultural and educational institutions such as Gulfshore Playhouse, Artis-Naples, Naples Players, and the Naples Botanical Gardens also receive millions of dollars from airport customers.

Nearly every Naples and Collier County resident benefits from the incredible generosity of these kind neighbors. Our community is fortunate to have these individuals as residents, and a plethora of locally based associations, organizations, and foundations benefit through their charitable gifts, which in turn provide amenities and services not often available in a small community such as ours.

Chris Rozansky, Executive Director, Naples Airport Authority




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