by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

by Clay Cox Owner/President – Kitchens by Clay

It is not unusual for the same questionto be asked of us every day.

“What are the new trends in kitchen design?”

Since I have had the pleasure of working directly with hundreds of clients every year, let me give the answer a shot.

First, white is not going out of style anytime soon. We still have most of our sales in a very bright white paint. Remember a couple of key points when it comes to white, especially herein Naples. White has always been a popular color along any coastal community; therefore, white kitchens built 20 years ago are still attractive to today’s buyers.

Another key point is that a lot of our sales come from our neighbors from the north and the midwest. These folks have had dark stained cabinets most of their lives and welcome the change.

In addition, grainy type woods like oak are predominant up north so the smooth seamless texture of a good painted finish is very desirable.

What’s new is that we will be using more “soft-whites” and combining them with a second color, for example, on the island.

Soft stains that allow the wood grain to peek out are a winner here. In fact, almost anything goes on the island that will compliment the home décor. This brings in warmth to what might have been construed as a sterile white kitchen.

Quartz still seems to be the number one choice for countertops as it is specific to the consumers choices. The consistency of the graining and coloring is predictable. Undermount sinks set into the countertops simply won’t go away nor should they.

As far as appliances are concerned, the built-in look, or flush inset look, are here to stay. If possible, a gas range or cooktop is the most desirable.

Although we do a lot of custom wood hoods, stainless steel hoods are a winner for future kitchens. And the newest addition to the American family of appliances is the steam convection oven.

These are growing in popularity and I truly believe will become the standard over the next 10 years.

Enjoy your home!

Clay Cox

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