by Erick Carter

The nutritionists have warned you about drinking soda ,but they didn’t tell you that sparkling water (soda water or club soda) is a wonderful option for treating frizzyhair at home.

These waters are created by using pressure to dissolve carbon dioxide gas in water. This, in turn, lowers the pH of the water, low pH helps fight frizz. So, don’t drink it, use it instead on your hair.

There are several choices if you want to try other methods: Dryer sheets are one. Lightly run one over your hair to help calm frizz. It also gives your hair a nice fresh smell.

Another is using hand cream—not directly on your hair. Apply the hand cream on your hands as you would normally do. Before it has completely dried on your hands, run your hand over the frizzy areas giving those areas a shot of moisture to help smooth that area down.

By the way, if you run out of hair conditioner, try just a bit of handcream.

Lastly and most importantly, comb your hair. Especially when wet, brushing your hair can cause breakage.

Erick Carter, Owner/Stylist

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