Where Can We Fly You Today? Naples Air, Inc.

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

The FAA certified air charter company, Naples Air, Inc., offers convenient customized flights for business professionals and exhausted executives who want to avoid time-consuming road trips and also for the pleasure travelers who want to avoid the hassles and delays of commercial airlines. Those traveling with small children or the elderly love the convenience and ease of charter flights.

Owners Jon and Catherine Fay and their team of talented pilots, John Fuller, Wendy Wahlstedt and Mike Walker, along with the aircraft maintenance professionals, Craig Bloomer and Brett Popovich, are currently celebrating the company’s 12th anniversary!

The Naples Air, Inc. ever-expanding fleet includes a Piper Cheyenne III , a pressurized turbo-prop with a non-stop range of 1300 miles at 330 miles per hour, and a beautiful Piper Navajo seating six passengers. The company’s next acquisition is a Citation II jet which is currently being processed through the regulations and paperwork required to bring it online to the flying public. Our paint shop awaits — then our debut!

Naples Air Inc. also brokers other specialty aircraft including jets of all sizes, from Lear 45’s to the Challenger 604 which comes with a cabin attendant. Called upon frequently to provide air ambulances for out of state transport, Catherine Fay coordinates the on-board medical crew, ground transportation locally and at the patient’s destination.

Hidden benefits of charter flights include on time departures based on the clients desires, no TSA personnel rummaging through bags, no screaming children in the next row back, and no one sneezing and coughing right next to you — and you travel with your party in comfort and style.

Whether to Disney for a few days, New Orleans for Mardi Gras, a major sporting event with friends, a vacation with the family in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Turks/Caicos, hunting in Georgia or golfing in the Carolinas, Naples Air Inc. will be honored to fly you there!

With Naples Air Inc. travel can again be a pleasurable experience. For the speed and convenience of private air travel, Naples Air, Inc. offers planes to suit every passenger.
Call 239.403.4838 for your tailored quote! www.naplesairinc.com
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