Understanding The Points of A Good Cut

by Erick Carter

A great hairstyle starts with a great haircut and for that you must have balance. Understanding the eleven balance points of a good cut, which include vertical and horizontal planes, gives creative freedom to your hairstylist.

All good hair design starts with the main balance point, which is found at the highest point of the head, when the head is in a natural position.

From there your stylist will draw five vertical planes of balance. They are the center part, three inch points each side of the part, and the tops of both ears.

To create horizontal planes of balance, a line is drawn first at the round, and second at the flat of the head.

When the vertical and horizontal planes meet, they create the all-important points of balance. These points dictate where your hairstylist sections the hair for corrective work, creative work, and conservative work, both in cutting and coloring.

When your hairstylist fails to respect these points, your hair style can appear off-balance and that alone can make you frustrated at home when trying to recreate salon results.

If you feel your hairstyle needs to be better balanced, please call for a no obligation consultation.

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Erick Carter, Salon Zenergy



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