The Kitchen Domino Theory

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

You love doing laundry? Huh? One of the best things to happen in the world of kitchen and cabinet design is the advent of large laundry rooms. So big in fact that when I was cutting my teeth in the kitchen design business almost 30 years ago the average kitchen was smaller than the size of these new laundry rooms.

On the photo below, you can see how much fun, along with great function, your laundry room could be if space allows.

This laundry has, front and center, a credenza under the window for some great storage. To the left you can see a small personal desk great for homework or balancing the household accounts and more.

Above the credenza there is a nice bit of whimsy with the twin 3” thick open shelves. Straight back and to the right you can see the washer and dryer sitting up on pedestals which is proof positive that this is a laundry room after all.

The storage cabinets above are extra deep so the homeowner can reach up and over the washer and dryer and use the cabinets with ease.

On the right-hand wall, the handles of a full-size stainless steel kitchen refrigerator can be seen. This is a brilliant idea and since it was in the original plans it is plumbed for ice and water as well.

We all know a second refrigerator in our homes is more than welcome. Beside the refrigerator and barely visible is a second dishwasher with a full size sink next to it for proper drainage.

The sink has another garbage disposal as well. Finish that up with excellent upper and lower cabinet space and plenty of room for folding laundry and you have one fantastic laundry room.

So, is this really a laundry room or is it an office, storage room, butler’s pantry, mud room, or second kitchen? I say all the above.

Enjoy your home!

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