Two New Featured Cocktails – IT ALL BEGAN IN A BARREL!

Shula's drinkShula’s once again is making the stuff of legends with its newest cocktail creations, Don’s Signature 25 and Mary Anne’s Sparkler! Both of these cocktails are part of the “Legendary Barrels and Bubbles” feature showcased this month at Shula’s Naples, and are made with a foundation of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon. This Kentucky favorite is aged for nine years within newly
charred American Oak barrels, lending it the smooth and rich taste along with the deep amber coloring.

Don’s Signature 25 features the Kentucky bourbon with a balancing act of Orange Sour, all garnished with black cherry and a lemon twist – a little zing to the smooth rich taste and subtle vanilla notes! It’s a true American classic that goes down as-smooth-as-you-please. As you take that first sip, you may just think you are back in a 1940’s movie titled, “Old Fashioned Takes a Walk in
Manhattan With His Favorite Whiskey Sour”… very nice indeed!

Now ladies, don’t think for a second that you need a miracle on 34th Street just to get a drink all your own, Shula’s knows how to impress and Mary Anne’s Sparkler is just the ticket! Gold is the color of the day, with a tad lighter base of Knob Creek Bourbon, a smattering of Domaine De Canton Ginger liqueur, a luscious snap of Orange Sour all generously mixed with Prosecco. This cocktail can’t be topped, unless you count the golden sugared rim with gold dusted chocolate ganache – oh yes, I said chocolate!

Enjoy these signature cocktails at one of our newly decorated lounges or pair it with your favorite Shula’s Cut – both options have legendary possibilities!

For more information on these cocktails or to view our menus, please visit us at:

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