Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

by Catherine Fay,

Owner and VP


Winter came late to the Northeast and the Midwest this year and I must say we had our share of cold snaps here in Naples too. It was a little too cold for some of us but spring will be here before you know it with spring breaks and Easter just around the corner.

When the family up North wants their beach time, Naples Air Inc. is here to make it happen. We would love to fly your family and
friends to sunny Naples to catch some rays and surf. Our Citation II jet, operated by Private Jets Inc., is ready for any trip with seven or fewer passengers.

Imagine telling your family that they can skip the long lines, the delays or cancelations, the airport changes, crabby agents,
and sick fellow passengers – all those things that are courtesy of the scheduled carriers! We have clean airplanes, pleasant crews, hassle free bookings, and on-time departures when you charter with our company.

While your family is visiting, they may want another change of scenery. We can make that happen too. We can fly your guests to
enjoy some island time in the Bahamas or Grand Cayman. Or, how about a day trip to Key West, or a two-day trip with an overnight in Orlando with the grandkids? Naples Air Inc. has the planes for all these trips and we make it easy for you.

Remember the thousands of flights cancelled or delayed in late January with the major airlines because of the snow in the Northeast? We have only had two weather cancellations in the past 14 years. We’re proud of our track record and hope you agree that it’s pretty impressive.

Snowbirds, as you plan your retreat to your summer home, talk to your friends and see if they’d like to share a flight with you!
You probably know others here in Florida who reside in the same vicinity as your summer home – why not team up, and split the cost of the charter? Everybody is happy — you have a relaxed and easy trip north while looking forward to a summer of lakes, boating, summer picnics and time with family.

Naples Air Inc. and Private Jets Inc. can be reached at 239.403.4838, www.NaplesAirInc.com and on Facebook.com/Facebook.com/NaplesAirIncNaplesAirInc

Call us today. “Where can we fly you today?”

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