The Mayor’s Corner….the Honorable Bill Barnett

Mayor Bill Barnett

October 27th and I’m about to write my December article. It is a difficult chore because the outside temperature is close to 90 degrees and the humidity is way up there. About this time of year we all are wishing for just a hint of some cool weather but when that will be I don’t know.

Our Northern residents and visitors are returning as the temperatures up north are getting cold. I know for those of you that are steady readers of Life in Naples that I am somewhat repetitive around the Holidays, but I do get favorable responses for the following words.

Always make dining reservations during our winter season because there is nothing worse than having company and deciding at the last minute that you want to go out for dinner without a reservation. It will not be a happy occasion. In all fairness to those who love to take that chance and enjoy sitting at the bar having cocktails and catching up with friends and family not caring when their table is ready.

There was a time when I could recommend great restaurants to dine in, but we have so many today that it’s impossible for me to choose. However, with that being said I have no problem making a recommendation when asked and if I know what type of food they are interested in.

Baker Park will have officially opened on October 29th, and I can share with you it is spectacular. For those of you who are not familiar with Baker Park it has been under construction for the last three years and it is 15 acres built along the Gordon River. There is something there for everyone and it is a passive park. It is definitely worth visiting but before you do make sure you ask about all the different access points you can use to get to the park.

There is a bicycle path that runs around the park and connects to a beautiful boardwalk called the Gordon River Greenway. It can also be accessed from our Naples Zoo. I can’t begin to tell you how
excited I am for our visitors and residents alike to visit Baker Park.

2019 has been an amazing year for our City. For the fourth year in a row we have been named tops in
the United States for Wellbeing by the Gallup Poll. There were numerous other awards and they
just keep coming. From Top Ten in Alfresco Dining to being named the Top Business Employer in Naples it makes us all proud to be a part of this City. I will tell anyone who asks or even if they don’t that we have the best staff in this City that anyone could ever ask for. We are a family of approximately 450 and when you look around at the beauty of our City our staff has played and continues to play a huge part of it.

Enjoy the Holidays especially in December as we have a lot going on. Our City Christmas Parade, Tree Lightings, Christmas walks, Hanukkah celebrations, Tuba Christmas, and a myriad of other activities for young and old alike. Our cutting-edge restaurants will be at their best and although we might not have any snow, we certainly will be in the Holiday spirit!
So, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Happy Healthy New Year to all!

-Mayor Bill

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