THE ITALIAN COBBLER – an ancient Artisan tradition

Silvio's Shoe Repair Team

Silvio’s Shoe Repair Team

by Kelly G. Cooper

From Cinderella to Imelda Marcos, footwear has always seduced our imaginations and is undoubtedly an essential piece of fashion. Shoes speak louder than words and are certainly a barometer of style for both men and women alike. People began wearing shoes over 40,000 years ago to protect their feet from weather and rugged terrain.

Shoes have now evolved from once being a staple of practicality into luxury items of fashion and style. Footwear is now seen not just part of your wardrobe, but in some cases, as an investment.

As a nation, we are obsessed with shoes and often have a pair or more for every occasion. At any given time, the average American man has 12 pairs of shoes and woman 27 pairs in their closet, according to the Time Style and Design Poll.

The average American woman purchases seven pairs annually and will likely spend around $25,000 in a lifetime – that is quite an investment!

Cobblers workingIt may seem extreme, but just take a look inside your closet and you will find these numbers to be quite accurate. Anytime we spend our hard earned dollars on an item or venture, it is wise to have a professional on hand to help maintain and extend your investment. In this a case a skilled cobbler is vital to the task and in Naples, our local cobbler Silvio Palomba at Silvio’s Shoe Repair, is your man!

Until the 19th century shoemaking was a traditional handicraft and cobblers were in high demand. Shoes were made of quality
materials, such as leather and wood, and could last a decade or more with refinishing, resoling and minor repairs by the cobbler.

“Prior to the 1970’s shoes were made well with the intention to be repaired, however the business mentality changed. Nowadays, most shoes are cheaply made from plastics and other petrochemical-derived materials that cannot be fixed, forcing consumers to toss the old and buy new, eliminating the need for a cobbler,” Silvio explains.

This is great for the footwear industry who earn over $75 billion dollars per year (Department of Labor) but very expensive for you as a consumer in the long run.

shoe repairOriginally from Naples, Italy, Silvio Palomba has been serving the community of Naples, Florida for over 30 years. Silvio is integral in helping individuals maintain and restore their leather goods and prized possessions. With the precise delicate handiwork found at Silvio’s Shoe Repair it is no surprise this family business has become a household name synonymous with comfort, style and attention to detail.

We must understand there are limitations to what our bones and joints can endure, so it is critical to ensure your shoes are giving your body the best support. Footwear changes the way we walk and how our bodies distribute weight, reflected in bones and ligaments.

To address many health issues Silvio’s Shoe Repair specializes in orthotic buildups that can significantly improve balance, posture and gait. If you have such difficulties it would be beneficial to have your shoes inspected and possibly altered to provide the best support for your individual needs.

Silvio’s Shoe Repair brings you generations of passion and expert craftsmanship maintaining standards of the highest quality in craftsmanship, merchandise, and materials imported from Italy.

Remember properly fitting shoes promote foot health and encourage the wearer to be more active, which improves the overall health. Invest wisely and take care of your feet and they will take care of you in return.


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  1. Brad Tetenbaum
    Brad Tetenbaum says:

    My adopted parent Luigi Cancelmi and his father Gustoufe and grandfather Augustine were shoe makers Naples he was machine gunned by Japanese and had no biological children WW11 I am a 4th generation Cazalio I’ve heard he made Cardinal Ruggiero shoes


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