The Business of Creativity

Clay Coxby Clay Cox

Coming up with that “wow” factor that you have longed for in shaping your new cabinetry project takes creativity and visualization. Transcending ideas from your inspirational photos, incorporating current trends and integrating functionality takes talent and expertise.

Starting with the basics as to why you are considering a change is important to understand. Reflecting on what is working in your current kitchen, as well as, what is not are essential components and, if included, will stir that creativity everyone is looking for. Searching for and selecting an experienced, knowledgeable kitchen designer will put your mind at ease, knowing your vision will emerge.

Dining AreaWith all that said, there is still one more step. You have probably heard the statement “left brain, right brain thinking”. The key to a well-rounded, successful project takes both creativity and good business practices. Do you feel comfortable with your kitchen designer’s client relations process, communications, confidence level, experience, presentation skills and, last but certainly not least, financial stewardship? Do they have a strong reputation, great staff and support team?

Moral of the story: A great designer is creative but a really great designer is creative and business minded as well. This thought process protects you and ensures a great result!

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