The Business of Business… by Teresa M Araque

Many institutions of higher education state that they employ professionals with real world experience as an added advantage for their students. At Hodges University, we believe this is invaluable for our students, so the professors in the Johnson School of Business – and all of our schools — absolutely bring practical knowledge into the classroom and share it with their students. However, that expertise can be somewhat perishable the farther an educator gets from that  experience, especially as one rises through the academic ranks.

Encapsulating the essence of the oft used, “we move at the speed of business,” Hodges University recently announced that Dr. Todd Katz has joined as Dean of the Johnson School of Business. While this is certainly not his first foray in a leadership position, it is his first as the leader of a university school.

“We constantly talk about the real world expertise that our professors bring to the classroom, but we’ve now taken that a step further with Dr. Katz,” said Dr. John Meyer, President of Hodges University. “He has lived the business life and is a proven expert in business, fiance, and perhaps more importantly, entrepreneurship. With that experience, he offers a fresh perspective and new ways to enhance our business degrees.”

Dr. Katz brings over 25 years of professional experience as a senior financial services executive. His achievements include
developing, growing, and leading financial services companies in fast paced, high growth, dynamic environments. Additional
strengths include business development; relationship and risk management; strategic planning; credit; sales leadership; employee motivation; corporate finance, including capital raising and merger and acquisitions; and recruiting and developing high performing management teams.

“I’m thrilled about this opportunity to take a great business school to the next level,” said Dr. Katz. “Business changes quickly
and it’s important that we prepare our students to not only anticipate and adapt to those changes, but really to lead them. I am  eager to apply my business and leadership experiences to the world of higher education, as principles really are very much the same – particularly in a business school.”

Dr. Katz earned a Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Florida, and a Juris Doctor in Law from the University of Florida’s Fredric G. Levin College of Law. He was President and CEO of Tarpon Coast Bank until April 2019 and was Vice Chairman and President of Calusa Bank and Tarpon Coast National Bank (1997-2015). He served as General Counsel for Southwest Banks, Inc. and its subsidiary banks, including First National Bank of Naples, for four years.

His recent volunteer experiences include board member, Florida Board of Nursing (2014-2015) and board member, Charlotte Regional Medical Center (2008-2013). He is on the board of the Charlotte Behavioral Health Center. What can students, and the community, expect in the coming months?

“I’m working with the professors to develop additional learning opportunities for our students. These could be in the form of new
degrees, specialties within degrees, or a combination of both,” said Dr. Katz. “We are working on some truly groundbreaking
ideas that I think the community will be quite receptive to. We will continue engaging the business community to ensure that
what we offer fills the workforce needs of the region. I’ve been on the business and legal side so I do have perspective about what
expertise our students need to carve their path in the business world and succeed.” Dr. Katz added. “Stay tuned. We’re working
to evolve the business school to fulfill the needs of today, and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. I could not be more excited!”

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