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My wife and I were wondering about the artist Richard Segalman. We saw a painting of his of women on the beach and we were wondering if that was a beach in Naples. Is he a local artist?

Sleuthing Segalman

Dear Sleuthing,

Richard Segalman at the Naples Pier in 1964

Richard Segalman is considered something of a local fixture though he hasn’t lived in Naples since the 50s when he first came here to help his uncle and aunt with Anchor Lounge on 3rd Ave S (where CVS is today). He used Anchor Lounge as the first venue to exhibit his charcoal drawings. His talent was obvious and he would soon be represented by Robinson Gallery which opened in 1960 in Naples and hosted Richard’s first formal exhibition. Since then Richard has been well loved by many in Naples. He is known locally for his impressionist works of women on the beaches of Naples, but his subject matter is broader. Richard’s earliest works demonstrated his special drawing ability with the most basic of media of charcoal and pastel.

Through drawing, Richard explored all aspects of the figure, developing and mastering a special ability to capture and convey feelings and personalities. Some of these early figurative works were purchased by a noted New York collector, David Daniels, who later gave these works to the  permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the 1970s, Joseph Hirshhorn added many works by Richard to his collection and later donated these works to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Richard has always had a great affinity for painting the pristine beaches of Naples. Many of our beaches were virtually void of
people providing an excellent place for Richard to work without interference from the public. As season became increasingly busier over the years, he would often choose to work with his models in the summers. Beyond Naples, Richard also uses his studios in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and his home in Woodstock, New York, for settings for his work. He also spent a period of time in Santa Fe in the 80s.

Since his early days of charcoal drawings, Richard has adopted many types of media, always pushing himself and his work forward. At one time Richard considered watercolor to be his primary medium and to this day it remains his favorite medium. Richard also works in oil, pastel, and monotype. He says he  considers his most challenging medium to be monotype, in which he paints  a work on glass then using a special press transfers the painting to paper.

With works in more than 40 permanent public collections and the subject of two published books, Richard’s critical acclaim has grown steadily since he first showed his work in his uncle’s bar on 3rd Avenue South in Naples. Harmon-Meek Gallery has proudly represented Richard Segalman since 1981.

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