The Art of Networking

by Joel Kessler

My business partner in Strategic Sales Solutions Andrea Nierenberg has written seven books on networking and is considered to be one of the foremost authorities in the world on networking likes to say “the opposite of networking is not working”. To me networking is making new friends and connecting people with others. The goal of networking is to discover new business opportunities, build and nurture those relationships, and keep powerful contacts for life. You must plan a strategy that will include tactics to allow people to feel comfortable, trusting, and willing to help you achieve more. Below are some tips to help you grow your network.

  • Re-connect with four people a week. This week call a clientor prospect you’ve been out of touch with, a former business colleague, a friend from the past and a current friend you haven’t spoken with for a while.
  • Make a list of key people in your industry or profession who you would like to meet. Determine what organizations,places and people they associate with and find ways to connect with them.
  • Join an organized networking group, go to meetings, and find a way to become involved. Life is not a spectator sport.
  • Research and join an industry or professional group. Go to meetings, meet two people, and set up two follow up meetings before you make your decision to join.
  • Join a civic group such as a Chamber of Commerce or a fundraising organization or Rotary.
  • Follow your interests. Take a class, join a health club or join a sports group. Remember, you need like-minded people in your network. Bonds will develop and create connections that you otherwise may not have made.
  • Volunteer, write an article, or join a committee or organization.Take the action to become known in your organization of choice. Results will follow.

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