Taking Care Of Our Own – a message from your publisher Reg Buxton

Reg Buxton Publisher

If you’re not familiar with this distinguished Club, then you should be. Simply stated, its mission is “To provide immediate financial assistance to the families of fallen police and emergency responders, those who serve in law enforcement, corrections, fire fighting, (EMS) and any and all State or Federal law enforcement personnel assigned to Collier County, Florida and all of Southwest Florida. The mission is based on a 24 hour turn around for approval by the (Club) Board of Directors and disbursement of money to the officer or officer’s family who will be the recipients.”

The local club’s model is based on another 100 Club which began after a police officer was killed in the line of duty and his untimely death left his family in financial distress. A noble citizen took it upon himself to send a letter to 100 friends asking for assistance in raising funds for the officer’s family. His efforts were successful, the mission continued and clubs have multiplied across the country.

The Collier 100 Club, like the others, recognizes that even when death benefits eventually reach the grieving families, the real need is immediate, and needs to be provided in an uncomplicated manner.

In Naples, where we believe in taking care of our own, I encourage our readers to get involved and join this benevolent group and perhaps contribute to its Endowment Fund. The Club is a 501© 3 tax exempt organization and the value of this service to the families of our fallen heroes is beyond measure. My wife, Sandra Lee, and I are pleased to be members of Collier 100 Club and hope that you join us as well. More information on how to get involved with this prominent group is online, search collier100club.org

Honorable Reg Buxton

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