Dragon Horse Publishing announces campaign to provide 25% of book sales of Toofer & The Giblet, the first book in a series of children’s literature written by Paulette LeBlanc and illustrated by Dmitriy Morozov, to care.org in support of his family and all Ukrainians.

Dmitry Morozov, the illustrator, commissioned for the series, is an architect by training that fell in love with watercolor. Dmitriy is an extraordinarily gifted artist based in Dnipro, Ukraine which is currently under attack by Russian forces as of this printing. Stories filled with expressions of a life-long friendship between the two main characters are interwoven with laughter and tears, then brought to life with his brilliant illustrations.

“What I enjoy the most is being surrounded by children, friends, cats, and dogs. Toofer & The Giblet have been added to the list now. I’ve fallen in love with them. Morozov said. “An amazing book, and with each book in the series, the magic grows.”

Julie Koester, President of Dragon Horse Publishing said “Toof & Gib are very worried about their dad in Ukraine and hope you will want to help. If more people read Toofer & The Giblet as children, we would live in a much better world. Join us. Gift Toof & Gib for a better world in the future and we will do our small but hopeful part to help the people of Ukraine in the meantime.” Koester messages with Morozov multiple times daily.

On the surface, these books will teach children to value friendship, prize honesty, and act with integrity. Still, the real power of Toofer & The Giblet, besides the ability to amuse, lies in their appeal to teachers, parents, and grandparents. These are clever adventures and stand-alone stories, but at the heart of this series is a deep kinship between two opposites, simultaneously innocent and wise.

This book of heartfelt stories is suggested for children ages 6-10 and aspires to delight parents, grandparents, and teachers everywhere. LeBlanc, who began this series in 2010, said she had no idea how much she would love writing for children.

LeBlanc has lived in southwest Florida for over thirty years. She raised her two children, became the managing editor of Gulf Coast Woman Magazine and editor of the Pine Island Eagle, where she currently works. “Toof and Gib have become two of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” LeBlanc said. “Through these characters, I’ve learned so many things I thought I already knew—and they’re just fun!”

“These are the kinds of stories that leave imprints on our hearts, destined to become classics. Reminiscent of Frog and Toad, these charming tales illustrate all that is important in life. Kids will love them, but so will the adults lucky enough to be reading them out loud.”

– Firoozeh Dumas, Multi-award-winning New York Times Bestselling author of Funny in Farsi and Laughing Without an Accent.

Toofer & The Giblet is now available for purchase through tooferandthegiblet.com and Dragonhorsepublishing.com

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