Summer means… kitten season! Heart to Heart

The Naples Cat Alliance has helped stray cats, kittens and feral communities find that Life in Naples is a safer, healthier and happier place for those of the feline persuasion.

Long known and well-regarded in the Naples rescue community, the Naples Cat Alliance just opened a new adoption shelter on March 22, 2019. Maybe you were part of the 200+ friends and supporters who attended the grand opening at 5555 Golden Gate Parkway, #141.

Naples Cat Alliance also has an active Facebook page, so if you are reading this as a seasonal Naples resident who has returned home for the summer, please consider visiting the cats and kittens virtually at:

The new shelter allows the many adoptable cats to showcase their talents, charm, and affection in an interactive setting with people seeking a pet.

Megan Sorbara, who oversees this organization as its founding member, praises the many volunteers who dedicated many hours cleaning up, painting, sewing, and conducting light construction work. They transformed the front of the shelter location to accommodate visitors and facilitate adoptions.

Based on the turnout for the grand opening, as well as steady stream of guests and supporters thereafter, the Naples Cat Alliance adoption center is the “purrfect” addition to the Naples charitable giving scene.

What to expect when you visit the Adoption Center? You’ll see a lot of happy people, many volunteers and some looking for a new pet. The public can come in to adopt and also to play and cuddle with the cats.

How can you help the Naples Cat Alliance? As with any rescue organization tending to live animals, meeting food, litter, and vetting needs is always a top priority.

With the publication of this Life in Naples issue, kitten season is in full swing, so wet and dry kitten food, KMR (or kitten milk) are essentials that they can’t live without. And, at any point in time, the Naples Cat Alliance will have cats or kittens with significant ongoing vet expenses, so funds for emergency or corrective surgery are often part of fundraising events conducted online and by word of mouth.

You can also help by sharing these posts online. Their website is:

Even though this is a “cat” organization, wonderful human volunteers are its lifeblood. The Naples Cat Alliance is a 7 day a week operation; and helping hands are always needed! Cleaning the shelter, washing dishes, laundry, feeding and of course, petting and playing with cats for their socialization are ongoing assignments to be filled.

With the opening of the new adoption center, people assisting with adoptions generally and as counselors specifically are needed during weekend hours. Help with fundraising is always appreciated.  includes anything and everything from food drives, luncheons, yard sale host locations, and more.

This organization rescues a lot of injured cats and kittens. Most cats with medical issues can recover with proper care, though these expenses can run into the thousands. So fundraising support is a key component which helps the hardworking volunteers of the Naples Cat Alliance meet medical expenses to restore their charges to good health and boost chances of adoption.

The Naples Cat Alliance also assists with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) with feral cats and feral colony feeding. With 23 colonies receiving attention on a nightly basis, there is something for everybody who wishes to lend a hand.

Megan tells the story of one stray, Ginger Rose, who was found crying in the bushes.

“Her eyes were sealed shut from mange. She was very dehydrated and skinny when she was brought to us. We gave her the best of care and within a few weeks she was looking and feeling so much better.”

With her recovery, this sweet cat is now available for adoption.

Naples Cat Alliance focuses on rescuing cats from the streets and giving them shelter, love and a chance to find a forever home.

Because not every rescued cat is adoptable, some are vaccinated and become part of the TNR colony program, maintained by the Naples Cat Alliance.

“A cat can be trusted to purr when pleased, which is more than can be said for human beings.”—William Ralph Inge author, Outspoken Essays

Karen Coney Coplin is celebrating her silver anniversary as a Naples resident. During that time, she and her daughters have given a loving home to 4 different rescue cats. Earlier this year, she helped the mission of the Naples Cat Alliance and hosted a yard sale benefit.

Do you have ideas for a future Heart to Heart article? Please email her at or DM @Naplesbythenumbers.

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    Thank you so much for this article. It will bring awareness to all that they do for the Naples community cats, and the community. An excellent article!!!!


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