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by, Karen Larson, Principal, Broad Avenue Studios, Inc.

Wellness has emerged as one of the world’s biggest and fast growing industries.This growth is projected to only accelerate in years ahead and in turn reshaping the interior design sector.

Broad Avenue Studios, Inc. specializes in wellness and assisting homeowners best determine how to bring this concept into their private residences.

When it comes to you and your home, the primary wellness concerns are air/water quality and proper lighting to influence mood and promote healthy sleep habits. However, it also means creating and living in spaces that nourish our body and mind through a focus on exercise and fitness, healthy social connections, relaxation and mindfulness.

The nearly invisible, interactive and innovative home gym, MIRROR is designed to do just that. When off, it’s a sleek, full-length mirror. When on, see yourself, your instructor and your classmates in an interactive display, complete with embedded camera and speakers for a high-energy workout in any room in your home!

Receive live, real-time exercise programs led by professional instructors, work out with friends remotely or take a class anytime with an extensive library of on-demand workouts. This game changing product not only looks good in any home, it delivers real results.

Finding time and space to de-stress is a key wellness component. Designed to mimic the posture of an astronaut resting in space, a zero dimension floating tub is the ultimate relaxation device.

In a conventional bathtub, the low water height and a rounded low back make complete relaxation difficult to attain. This innovative product focuses on the position of the user’s ankles, knees and hips providing freedom from gravity and releasing stress on joints.

The elegant, contemporary design makes this a stylish addition to your ensuite bathroom.

Looking to spend more meaningful time with family and friends while stimulating your mind and body? Consider incorporating a game room, an interactive art installation or a dedicated outdoor gaming area into your home. Perfect for multigenerational families or just tapping into the adult child in you, this concept promotes healthy social connectivity with loved ones.

It is no longer just about the mancave!

Partner with an interior designer to create a sophisticated space that is functional and aesthetically appealing.

Broad Avenue Studios, Inc. helps clients select these innovative products and concepts to make yours a happy and healthy home. We know how to bring things into your lives that really make a difference and impact your space.

For more information about incorporating wellness into the interior design of your home contact:

Broad Avenue Studios, Inc. | 630.817.0029

Broad Avenue Studios, Inc. is an award winning, national design firm specializing in wellness and luxury residential and commercial interior design. Our services include concept development, color schemes, space planning, custom millwork design, interior architectural drawings/specifications, 3D modeling, project management and procurement of furniture, lighting, tile, wallcovering, fabric and flooring.

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