by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

I’ve been teaching Junior Achievement (JA) classes for the last few years and am finishing up lessons with 5th and8th graders, impressing upon them to dream big and find something they love — a talent or interest, or passion that they can think about developing into a career. I impress upon them to choose wisely, study hard, work even harder, and life will be rewarding and happy, especially if they choose a career that they LOVE.

Some kids know what they want to be; several young men in every class want to be in the NBA or NFL. I usually have a few kids who want to start a business, from the traditional doctors, lawyers,nurses, to non-traditional careers such as cartoon animators, actors,game designers. JA is a ripe opportunity to help them clarify goals and explore ways to achieve them! I help the students think about“Plan B” if the NBA is not achievable. It could be coaching, sportsannouncer, sports writer, team owner, team trainer – the possibilities open their minds.

Classroom volunteers share stories of their careers and how all of us have navigated our paths to present day. I relate my story encompassing three different careers and our story of entrepreneurship,and the successes and challenges of our NaplesAir Charter’s team over the past 14 years.

I relate success storiesof our clients who cannow afford travel in charter airplanes. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to drive home a lesson.Whether the clients are famous, captains of industry, retired or currently working, they all have something in common, choosing their careers in a field they love! I relate that hard work, a stick-to-it attitude, education (formal or on the job) can lead to success.

You’ve worked hard your whole life. Don’t you deserve to travel in a hassle free, safe, happy environment? Call us for a quote for your next trip, business or pleasure.

When you are looking for an organization to support, with time, talent or treasure, think of Junior Achievement. We’re helping young people succeed in a global economy, building productive,successful lives.


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