by Kelly G Cooper

Establishing a healthy dialogue between our mind and body cultivates a balance as they are inextricably connected. Our optimal state of dynamic balance comes naturally when we listen to our body with love and respect and make choices that support our well being. Often we find ourselves unbalanced yet do not listen to our body the way we should, as we try to keep up with our own expectations of what perfection is. There have always been external pressures of what we think we should be however with social media the illusion is unavoidable affecting both men and women of all ages.

Dr. Donna Alpert is a psychotherapist, mental health counselor and certified sex therapist specializing in women’s issues, body image and weight management. She provides private counseling at Cederquist Medical Wellness Center where she focuses on the mind-body connection emphasizing behavioral changes necessary for healthy and happy lifestyles. With her experience and insight Donna helps individuals retrace their history and past relationships, as well as, their future and realistic expectations where they can self-discover what is standing in the way of reaching their goals.

Donna promotes positive health practices and is a firm believer that a balance between regular exercise, stress-relief and relaxation is necessary to cultivate a sense of stability inside and out. Donna’s road to wellness began as young child where she was a student of ballet and active in several sports. Today she is a certified instructor for Christopher Harrison’s Anti Gravity Fitness and teaches classes at House of Flyte. “One of the great benefits of antigravity fitness is the happy hormone cocktail that it provides without medicine!”

In addition to her many accolades, Donna is CFO of WAVV101.1 FM. Her ability to find balance and peace within serves as an example to us all. Donna is a beautiful person inside and out and makes it a priority for those around her to have confidence and enjoyment. Donna Alpert is truly a woman of substance with her passion promoting and living a healthy lifestyle she inspires others to achieve optimal health and well being!“What you may expect from one of my classes are thorough explanations of the benefits of the exercises achieved in spinal alignment, decompression and flexibility; reversing the aging process by standing straighter and taller!” So turn on WAVV 101.1 FM,get moving and head to the next antigravity fitness class at House of Flyte located in the Shoppes at Vanderbilt at 2359 Vanderbilt Beach Road #402, Naples, Florida 34109. You may find Donna’s class schedule at www.houseofflyte.com or call to reserve your spot239. 260.7782.

If you or someone you know would benefit from medical services provided by Dr. Donna Alpert please call 239.593.0663 or visit www.drcederquist.com located at 1575 Pine Ridge Road, Naples,Florida 34109.


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