Sexy kitchens and cabinet jewelry

Clay Coxby Clay Cox

With a twinkle in his eye he said “now that we have designed the perfect kitchen for you let’s make it sexy”. And the customer just stood there speechless until she squeaked out just one word “sexy”? “Absolutely” said the kitchen designer, “I said sexy and that’s what we should do.”

“How can you make my kitchen sexy? I mean it is already perfectly designed and I am really excited to see it when it is done”. “I have two words for you, “Cabinet Jewelry” said the kitchen designer.

Cabinet jewelry is a phrase that we use a lot here at Kitchens by Clay because over the last few years we have realized that the hardware that is used to open the doors and drawers in your kitchen is much more than a brass knob or a finger notch at the bottom of your door to pull on. It most definitely can be much more than that. It can be “sexy.”

kitchensbyclayI am, sitting here in the middle of our showroom and I am looking at crystal knobs that sparkle in the light. I can see handles with soft curves that shine. I see cabinet jewelry that screams to be put on that Shaker door style that my last customer just bought. There are glass knobs of virtually any color you can think of and with textures to compliment any lifestyle. There is polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, distressed pewter, Swedish iron and the list goes on.

We carry a line of cabinet jewelry called Carpe Diem. “Seize the day” that’s what I am talking about. And I am sure that’s what Carpe Diem had in mind when they decided to work with finishes like Gilded Mercury and Renaissance Bronze. How about Blonde Mink which is  described as “a soft creamery base, hand washed with flecks of gold and hints of copper. Now that’s Sexy!

So if you want to take your prefect kitchen design and make it sexy your cabinet jewelry is the way to go. Be sure that your kitchen designer has a generous hardware allowance already built in to your project because I am here to tell you “a sexy kitchen tops all other kitchens by a landslide”.

Enjoy your remodel,
Clay Cox
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