At what age should I cut my hair?

by Erick Carter

by Erick Carter

I am often asked at what age should I cut my hair.

Age should not be the deciding factor on length. Importance should be placed on; does it work for my lifestyle? Does it look good on me? Do I style my hair or just wear it in a ponytail?

Do you swim a lot, can your hair texture support a longer length, and are you willing to color salt and pepper hair if needed. Long hair must look healthy at any age, the elements in Southwest Florida can damage longer hair and some textures cannot support longer lengths. Salt and pepper hair, when long, can give one a tired look. So you must ask does it look good on me.

When asking if long hair looks good we have to be honest with ourselves. We all have preconceived notions of what we see. Find a friend that will be honest and loving at the same time and/or a hair stylist that is not afraid to tell you the truth.

If you have an active life style, then a ponytail can be a blessing. But don’t let that be a way of life for you, a style should still look good when
it’s down. The right haircut should be balanced and considerations should be made for face shape, softness and strength in ones face, skull structure, and the framing of the long hair must compliment your face. If you find yourself thinking your hair looks better in a ponytail, then perhaps it’s time for a shorter style.

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