Saving Your Color

Erick Carter

At the end of the serieson Hair and pH, I talked about direct dyes. Direct dyes are easy to use. These dyes can be applied directly from their container onto your hair. They are designed to be deposit only, have no ammonia, and no activator (developer). They only stain the outer layer of the hair (cuticle), and therefore cannot give graycoverage.

There are several different forms of direct dyes. The most popular for refreshing faded ends are: shampoo, rinses, and mousse.

I prefer the shampoo, as it’s much easier to use. The brand I carry for my clients is Pure Blends. Pure Blends offers nine shades of hydrating color depositing shampoos, which is used to create custom blends for a virtually unlimited number of shades.

In short, it helps prevent fade and color washout. Not only is Pure Blends sulfate and sodium chloride free, it has a pH of only 5.5. A low pH aids in locking in color. Having a product like Pure Blends customize color shampoo is essential in SWFL to help maintain your hair color.

Stop by and see me at Salon Zenergy  (2950 Tamiami Trail North). I’ll be happy to custom blend a shampoo for your hair color needs.
Erick Carter, Salon Zenergy

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