Choosing a General Contractor

by Clay Cox Owner/President

I find that most people who want to remodel their homes in Naples find out quickly that they simply do not have the contacts down here that they do, or did, at home. Then comes the hard part, what contractor to hire and where to find them.

I can offer some sound advice to get you started. Finding a contractor to interview can be as simple as asking around. Try asking at your club, in your neighborhood, or your friends and family. This should give you names so that you can start the interview process.

To make sure everyone is on the same page so that your “bids” will come in based on identical information, simply make a list of all that you want done. A good contractor will always find something that doesn’t work or could be done differently than what you ask for. This is a good sign. You are not looking for a “yes man”.

The contractor who says “no”, with a good supporting reason, is someone you should put at the top of your list. Look at their company referrals, reviews, and website. In other words, vet them thoroughly. The more thorough you are, the more likely your job will go smoothly.

I very often refer contractors to my clients with much success. First, I look for their company to have a dependable track record. I ask around to see if the subcontractors they rely on are loyal to them. This is extremely important since they need to be there when the contractor calls them. Every time! How big or small the company is doesn’t matter as much as you might think. I know some small companies that are super-efficient and, as a bonus, do not come with large overhead costs.

Another item you should be aware of is how they bill you. Are they at-cost plus? This means you see all the invoices and the contractor will add an agreed upon percentage for his costs and profits. Are they showing you an estimate or the actual “this is what your project will cost” number? I’d prefer the latter so that I know, barring the unforeseen, what to budget going forward.

At the end of the interview process check with your dog. If your dog likes your choice, chances are good you will too.

Enjoy your home!

Clay Cox

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