Redecorate your condo or home with Guadalupe Resale

By Kat McNabb, Guadalupe Resale Shop

There comes a time when we all want to redecorate. We grow tired of the same sofa, the same artwork, the same lampshades and the same kitchen table.

We want something new. Redecorating is fun, and it gives us a chance to be creative and breathe new life into our homes, freshen things up a bit.

Redecorating, however, comes at a price. Outfitting a room with new furniture, wall art, tapestry, lighting and accessories can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Multiply that by an entire condo or house, and you’re talking tens of thousands. Price doesn’t have to squash our desire to redecorate. You just need to shop smart.

At Guadalupe Resale Shop, we’ve had customers furnish an entire two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo for under $2,000. While the Resale Shop is well-known for its vast selection of high-quality, brand-name clothing, more than half of our showroom floor is stocked with like-new furniture, home décor, kitchenware, artwork, lamps, linens and more.

Interior designers have even made Guadalupe Resale Shop a destination of choice when searching for unique, one-of-a-kind additions for a home or office. Big box stores might carry a wider selection of products, but they’re the same items being purchased by your neighbors and friends. If you want something different, something with pizzazz, thrift stores just might be the place.

Below are five tips for redecorating your condo or home on a thrift store budget:

  • Large to small: Start your redesign with the largest object in a room. For a living room, it’s the sofa. For a bedroom, it’s obviously the bed frame. For a dining room, it’s the kitchen table. Not only do these objects occupy the most square footage, but they’re often the most expensive items. Even at a thrift store, this could be your priciest purchase.
  • Contrast: If your room is painted white and plenty of natural light filters through the windows, it’s OK to choose black or dark brown colors for furniture. If a room doesn’t radiate, however, then perhaps white furniture would create an instant splash.
  • Style of decorating: Know your preferred style. Whether it’s eclectic, contemporary, coastal or cottage, our Resale Shop has furniture and accessories in every style to complete your redecorating project at a much lower cost than furniture stores.
  • Remember to accessorize: Barren end tables, bookshelves and tops of dressers are boring. Fill those voids with tchotchkes, ceramics, baskets or candle holders to create “pop” for a room. Adding a chic floor lamp and snazzy throw pillows changes the look of a room and defines your style for only a few dollars per item.
  • Discount days: Know when to shop. Guadalupe Resale Shop offers special sales and promotions throughout the year. Senior Discount Day, for example, is every Wednesday and offers 25 percent off one non-discounted item. Guadalupe Resale Shop restocks its shelves daily, and since quantities are limited, it’s best to make multiple trips to the store in search of unique finds.

Guadalupe Resale Shop is located at 12980 Tamiami Trail N., Unit 10, in Naples.For more information, please visit or call 239-594-2696.

About the Author

Kat McNabb is manager of Guadalupe Resale Shop, a boutique that sells like-new furniture, home décor, kitchenware, artwork, lamps, linens, DVDs and CDs, books and all types of ladies and men’s clothing, including accessories such as jewelry, purses and nearly new shoes. Donations are tax-deductible, and proceeds directly benefit Guadalupe Center’s educational programs.

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