Partners in Life and Business part 2 … Anita & Erick

Anita and Erick are another one of those “blended” couples  who are partners in life as well as business. During a recent  question and answer interview they provided background information and insight into their success. Anita and Erick have mastered the art and science of working and living together.  







Names of Couple:

Anita and Erick Carter

State or Country of Origin:

 Anita is from Michigan,  Erick is from South Carolina 

Length of time in Naples: 

Anita 32 years, Erick 27 years

What drew you to Naples:

 Anita and her family moved to Naples in 1988. Erick moved for business as a dance instructor and franchise owner with Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  Erick provided dance lessons to Anita’s parents and meeting Anita was an unexpected but welcomed benefit to the lessons.   

Name of Business:

Salon Zenergy

Type of business and an overview of what you do:

 Salon Zenergy is a full service upscale salon. 

What is the most requested service that you offer?

Color and foil highlights is our most requested service. Many women use the combination of a base color then add low and highlights for greater dimension to their hair. The technique to achieve this look has changed over the years and variations on that technique will offer a different result. It is important to understand what the clients goal is in order to give them the desired result. The most requested color in Naples is Blonde, Blonde and more Blonde.

What business principles do you use at Salon Zenergy?

That’s an easy question to answer for both of us. The values that we were taught as children. Treat others the way you want to be treated, be honest and work with integrity. The comfort and safety of our guests has always been top priority. Now dealing with COVID, we see clients by appointment only, all employees and guests wear masks, work stations have been rearranged, we use clear panels between shampoo bowls, and follow CDC guidelines. 

 What drew each of you to the hair stylist business?

 Anita was already in the business when we met. Erick states that he always wanted to have a business that was recession resistant, where I could use my artistic ability. Anita had a passion to make people  look and feel beautiful and then better about themselves.

What fuels your passion for what you do:

Our passion is to connect with our guest and determine what makes them feel their best. To do so communications is the key, listen then validate. 

Do you still attend trade shows and are they used to promote products or new style techniques?  

Trade shows have evolved over time. Prior to the massive launch of YouTube Anita and I taught at trade shows. Now most education is done online, and we attend online classes. Products remain a person choice.

Did either one of you have an interesting client or unusual experience since working in this business?

Several but where do you want me to start. We have had the opportunity to meet several interesting people. Not only in Naples but through work for Con-Air. Anita has worked with the founder of Barbie as an example and Erick has worked for Amber Heard. We have also worked together on several  fashion shows and national magazine photo shoots for Con-Air product commercials. 

Joys and challenges of living and working together:

 It’s great to know that we are there for each other in the salon. Our guests enjoy the idea of being able to go to either of us. It offers them more flexibility for booking appointments. The challenge is that our schedules are the same.

Advise for married couples who are considering going into business together: 

Find a business that you are passionate about, and don’t take it too seriously. Have fun and enjoy. It is also important to find things to enjoy separately from one another, you balance your relationship and keep it fresh. Erick enjoys fishing in the 10,000 islands, and Anita is into fitness and exercise. 

How can you be contacted: 

Salon Zenergy   


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