Older Home, New Look

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

by Clay Cox Owner/President – Kitchens by Clay

The kitchen below has its own story which I am happy to share with you. This is an older Naples home and one surefire way to tell that it is older are the lower ceilings.

There are times when we must work with the existing structure without much room for change, and this was one of them. The result for the homeowner was their satisfaction with all that we did.

One of my favorite things about this job is that the homeowner and I decided we were going to create the design and colors ourselves without the help of an interior designer and I am pleased to say that we both enjoyed the process immensely. As you can see, we used not only two different colors but two different textures as well.

The darker cabinets being a hi-gloss lacquer finish with a soft wood grain look while the painted soft-white cabinets are a semi-gloss finish. The combination gave this kitchen the visual impact that it deserved. Add to that our choice of a quartzite natural stone countertops with a light color base and prominent veining to match the darker cabinetry.

What you do not see is the second island (it has been cropped off at the bottom of the photo) that accommodates more prep area for the cook as well as food and water storage for two exceptionally large dogs.

Next to that is the laundry area that matches the kitchen cabinetry and is pretty enough to be open for all to see.

Stainless steel appliances vs. wood covered appliances were chosen for the added effect of one more color/texture in the kitchen. These appliances as you can see were placed in an area that highlights the appliances and balances the kitchen.

One of my favorite things this kitchen had going for it was the natural light. When I got there, the light was blocked by plantation shutters which were simply not opened every day. Once we removed these and cleaned up the area it felt as if the kitchen had doubled in size and at a very reasonable cost to the homeowner.

Enjoy your home, Clay Cox


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