Are We Really Communicating About Your Color?

by Erick Carter

Like other professions, hair stylists have their own language. Understanding it means you will be happier with the tone and depth of your hair coloring.

Depth is based on a measurement of 1-10, the darkest to the lightest, essentially black to very light blonde.

Tone is slightly more complicated. There are two basic tones-warm and cool.

Warm tones are gold, red and a mixture of those two which is orange or copper.

Cool tones are ash tones and include blue, beige and green, a combination of blue and yellow.

When a warm tone is mixed with a cool tone, usually the cool tone will dominate. Beige is a tricky tone to use as it leans towards violet (red and blue) and could turn hair a pinkish color.

Communicating with your stylist, you are now able to discuss more knowledgably about the depth and tone you are trying to achieve. There is another factor that your stylist understands—underlying contributing pigment. That will be a future article!

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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