Offshore Drilling Remains a Threat

by Congressman Francis Rooney and Congressman Matt Gaetz

In 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill brought disaster to Florida. Our economy suffered gravely even though we had very little  impact from the spill. The fragile nature of a tourism-based economy is reflected in the impact of Deepwater Horizon. Even the
most remote threat or potential threat can radically undermine tourism. This is why we are resolved to fight against any effort that
would permit drilling off Florida’s coast.

Reports have recently circulated that the Department of Interior wants to resume offshore drilling in Florida’s waters after the  2020 election. These reports are deeply concerning to us, to the military conducting crucial operations off Florida’s coast, and to
millions of Floridians whose well-being depends on the tourism economy which is existentially threatened by offshore drilling.
Florida’s precious coastline is a national treasure and a vital military asset. Our military mission, environment, and property  values cannot be subjected to the potentially disastrous repercussions caused by drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Proponents of drilling argue the action is a part of our ability to maintain energy independence and keep our reliance off of foreign
sources of energy, but we are already energy independent, and in fact, exporters of energy. There is no need to put Florida at risk
when we are awash in oil and natural gas. Shell has even reduced the size of its most recent platform 90% because any more would
be inefficient.

Drilling off our coast would also severely threaten the vital military exercises and activities that are routinely conducted near
the proposed drilling sites. The Eastern Gulf is home to the Gulf Test Range, 120,000 square miles of overwater airspace
stretching from the Florida Panhandle to the Florida Keys. The Range is one of the only places in the world where we launch live
fire over water, and land it on land. The military’s plans show that most future test activity will be conducted right east of the
Military Mission Line, a line which runs due south from Destin.

It is incomprehensible that a drilling moratorium would not be imposed in an area where experimental missiles are tested and
launched, and we can’t believe it’s not obvious that launching experimental missiles over active oil rigs is a reckless idea. Our  military has no better location to carry out these exercises,  and there is no compelling reason to place drilling interests ahead of our national defense. Having this unimpeded training and testing area is of critical importance to our military now and will  become  even more important in the future as we test hypersonic weapons, drones, and more.

Our Congressional colleagues in the Florida delegation stand together in recognizing the dangers drilling poses to our state. In  September 2019, by a vote of 248 to 180, the House passed HR 205, a bipartisan, proactive bill to make the 2006 moratorium
permanent. Key to its passage was the Florida delegation — all but one of Florida’s congressmen and congresswomen voted in favor.

This is a bipartisan initiative among our elected leaders, and we are not in the minority on this issue among our constituents either.
Recently 100% of the Florida delegation wrote to the Department of the Interior opposing any move to begin seismic testing or to
allow leasing for drilling. In 2018 over 68% of Floridians voted to ban drilling off Florida’s coast. They remember all too well the pain and suffering caused by the 2010 spill, the small businesses that were wiped off the face of our state, the families that had to move away to find work, the devastating financial loss experienced by millions of their neighbors. They are appealing to their government to listen, to remember, and to take action.

The fundamental purpose of our government is to defend and protect the United States. Allowing oil and gas drilling off our coast  will jeopardize our military readiness and national security by circumscribing the military test range and harming our
environment and our economy by creating risk of spills, pollution, pipelines, shoreside infrastructure, etc. – all of which is wholly
incompatible with the recreation and tourism economy of Florida.

As elected members of congress we will be derelict in our duty if we fail to fight back strongly against this destructive initiative.
It’s been ten years since well over 180 billion gallons of oil gushed into our pristine waters, shattering our economy and upending the lives of our constituents. We couldn’t afford the last disaster, and we refuse to allow another.

Leave our home alone. The Speaker and the House of Representatives voted to protect Florida. Now we need the Senate and  Administration to do the same.

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