CCSO…Collier Crime Rate Lowest Since 1971

The crime rate in Collier County in 2019 was the lowest since tracking began in 1971, Sheriff Kevin Rambosk has announced. The  crime rate of 1,402.9 represents the number of offenses reported per 100,000 people. Collier County’s population increased from 329,909 in 2018 to 338,436 in 2019.

The numbers mean that Collier County remains the safest metropolitan county in Florida, according to numbers maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Only 14 counties have a lower crime rate than Collier, and all of them are in more rural  areas of the state.

The numbers reinforce Collier County’s status as a community that is attractive to businesses, residents and visitors. “We enjoy a terrific and safe quality of life here in Collier County,” said Sheriff Rambosk. “We not only offer sunshine and beaches, we offer a safe and welcoming environment, and that is important.”

There were 4,748 Part 1 crimes in Collier County in 2019. The numbers represent crimes in unincorporated Collier County and Everglades City. They include the categories of homicide, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and motor  vehicle theft. Burglaries dropped from 505 in 2018 to 433 in 2019. Aggravated assaults decreased from 642 to 588.  homicides  decreased from nine to eight.

Motor vehicle thefts showed the sharpest increase, up from 215 in 2018 to 274 in 2019. The numbers follow a national trend
related to motorists leaving key fobs inside unlocked vehicles. CCSO regularly asks motorists to lock their cars, take their fob with  them and remove valuables from inside vehicles. Other categories are as follows: larcenies went from 3,042 to 3,177;  robberies went from 138 to 144; and rapes went from 109 to 124.

Sheriff Rambosk added that the agency’s crime numbers for the first four months of 2020 show a continuing downward trend
despite the fact that in addition to holding the line on crime it has been helping to protect the community from the spread of  COVID -19. Deputies have been tasked with enforcing Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive orders limiting patron numbers as well as  restrictions on commercial/business activity.

“We have had tremendous voluntary compliance with CDC recommendation and the Governor’s Executive Orders in our
community,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “This is just one more reason that Collier County is a great place to live and work.”


Here are some of the ways the community can help deputies drive down crime:

• Lock your car and keep valuables out of view
• Schedule a home or business security survey by a CCSO Crime Prevention specialist
• Report unusual activity to law enforcement
• Start or join a Neighborhood Watch program
• Mentor a child
• Be alert and aware of your surroundings
• Join one of CCSO’s Community Safety Teams to help address code enforcement and other problems at the neighborhood level
• Protect personal information like your Social Security number, computer passwords and banking information
• When online, don’t chat with strangers or respond to their e-mails

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