Moorings Park at Grey Oaks adds Care 360 Healthcare Program

Moorings Park recently introduced a number of improvements to its physicians’ medical practice, while also enhancing the integrated approach of Moorings Park’s renowned continuum of healthcare for its residents, members and the general public. Care 360, as it’s been named, was created and developed through a partnership with Naples Community Hospital (NCH), and provides personalized healthcare based on a model akin to a concierge care practice.

The new program supports the overall Moorings Park commitment to provide Simply the Best® amenities and services with professional and compassionate care to each person they serve, with a mission to deliver outstanding healthcare enabling residents, members and non-residents to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Due to NCH’s affiliation with the Mayo Clinic Care Network, the Care 360 program provides participants with access to the Mayo Clinic’s physicians and specialists’ knowledge and expertise.

Other advantages include additional time allocated for office visits and exams in an unhurried setting; physicians available by appointment, plus 24/7 access via phone, text or email; annual comprehensive physicals with a health assessment to develop a baseline medical profile; a focus on preventative care and education; close followup regarding medical appointments, tests and preventative evaluations; coordination of NCH hospital care, including admissions, visitation and records, as well as appointments with leading area specialists as needed.

Moorings Park’s Care 360 also includes complimentary access to the wellness center provided by Moorings Park.
For those considering becoming a resident of Moorings Park, or for a member of the public interested in participating in just the Care 360 program, two membership opportunities are available.

The Platinum Membership is ideal for individuals and couples who are within one to two years of making their residency decision. The Diamond Membership is available to individuals and couples who are in the early stages of finalizing their
retirement plans. For details regarding the Care 360 Concierge Healthcare Program, as well as the Platinum and Diamond memberships, visit

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