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Reg Buxton

There is a purposed one cent sales tax increase referendum for Collier County residents. If this would pass in the fall 2018 election, the following would happen: The tax would sunset at the end of five years or before, if the projects are completed. The county would have a project list as well as the city of Naples. The cost of each project cannot exceed the cost in the referendum.

If a project goes over, it’s the responsibility of government to pay any additional cost. If it’s finished under cost, the funds saved are not used. The city of Naples would receive close to five million a year or a total of twenty-five million over the course of the referendum. There are many areas where the funds could be used in Naples.

Intersection Conversion to Roundabouts: $2,000,000
US 41 Landscaping: $2,660,000
Gordon River Bridge Improvements: $2,567,299

Storm Water Management
Infrastructure Resiliency & Sea Level Rise: $6,500,000

Community Redevelopment Agency
Downtown 41-10 Parking Deck: $9,000,000
Landscaping/Parks and Parkways
Tree Fill-in and Replacement includes Irma: $6,900,000

Recreation Facilities
Fleischman, Skate, River Park Improvements: $7,250,000

Fire Department/Public Safety
Retractable Bollards for Street Closings: $1,500,000

Beach Fund
Lowdermilk Park: $750,000
Beach Access & Dune Landscaping Vegetation: $525,000
Beach Access Improvements: $725,000

The above are just some of the projects the funds received from the additional one percent sales tax referendum could will cover. Remember, in the referendum all projects will be listed with a cost that is not to be exceeded.

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