March, there is always something to love

Claudia Polzin
Consultant to Nonprofits

It is still difficult to write 2018 – maybe it is because 2017 had so much to deal with in the last months that some of us still cannot believe we have been catapulted into a new year and now we are beginning the third month of that new year. But as we know time waits for no man – so march on we must (no pun intended).

Make sure you find the art adventures you enjoy and hopefully speak to your heart – as the arts are supposed to make us feel something. Recently, I attended a concert that featured a work based on a beautiful story. For me, the music did not enhance the story, but as I left some people were literally in tears over how the music moved them, demonstrating once again that within the world of the arts there is truly something for everyone. It is important to realize that we don’t have to all love the same artistic events.

Every month we try to point out the variety of the arts that are available in our little piece of paradise. Enjoy what you know you love, but maybe try something that you are not certain that you like. Many people say they don’t like opera. Some may not have had the opportunity to really hear opera; take a chance if you are one
of those individuals. Try staged scenes of great works by Gulfshore Opera during Grand Opera Nights, March 2 at North Naples Church for an opportunity to hear some of the most well-loved and well-known arias in a friendly space.

Yes, there’s variety in the world of opera. Cambier Park in downtown Naples continues to be a busy art and concert venue in March – Art in the Park begins the month on March 3. Come, stroll through the park and find visual arts that speak to you. The Naples Big Band will entertain you with the music that you might remember and might make you want to get up to see if you remember the dances that charmed the world in the 30’s and 40’s on March 5 and 25.

The Naples Concert Band will be featured in the park’s band shell. This beautiful venue is open to all and makes visual arts and music accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to purchase a ticket. TheatreZone was one of the venues that suffered as a result of Hurricane Irma. Major work had to be done for this auditorium
to reopen. But the season, although shortened, is still very vital – March 8 through 18 will see the production of “Copacabana,” a musical that will make you feel good. March 10 will feature another behind the scenes tour that you can sign up for at TheatreZone.

What happens to make the productions come to life is a fascinating story in itself. The Naples Players continues its tradition of bringing quality community theatre to Naples when 76 trombones march into the Sugden Theatre at the “Music Man” opening March 7 through April 8. They will also feature the romantic comedy “Kalamazoo”
from March 28 to April 28. March 18 is a Sunday you’ll have to make multiple choices among all the free concerts at area churches. Vanderbilt Presbyterian will perform Rutter’s “Gloria” featuring Dr. Jim Cochran on the new Lively-Fulcher pipe organ during the first half of the concert.

At St. Monica’s Episcopal Church the Irrera Brothers will play the violin and piano in concert. Both are graduates of Eastman School of Music and received their doctorates at the same time. Trinity-by-the-Cove will host the Brasil Guitar Duo. The guitarists who are equally at home playing baroque, flamenco, folk and new compositions.
Once again, March in Naples is packed with opportunities for you to get out enjoy the weather and enjoy the variety of the arts. Don’t sit at home – get out and enjoy.

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