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Dr Cheryl MalickDr. Cheryl Malick, a Naples resident since 1985, celebrates 11 years of serving our community at Dental Excellence, her state-of-the-art office. An alumnae of Barron Collier High School and the University of Florida, she achieved undergraduate honors in engineering sciences with a minor in biomedical engineering prior to attending dental school.

During her studies, Dr. Malick interned with professors who revolutionized dental and facial prostheses at Florida’s renowned dental school, which inspired her to focus on dentistry and graduate with research honors.

“Everything about dentistry is engineering, from the immense forces on our teeth and jaw to the mechanical and aesthetic strengths and limitations of the evolving
materials used to create long lasting restorations. Dentistry, at its finest, is the marriage of art and engineering,” she explains.

Offering general and aesthetic dental care locally, to her hometown, has been as rewarding as raising her young family where she grew up. This gives her a uniquely balanced outlook. She explains that patients can expect to be seen on time because she dislikes spending her own time in waiting rooms and understands that her patients’ time is as valuable as her own. Thoughtful scheduling makes doing it all possible, both in and out of the office.

As a busy wife and mom of three, ages 4, 6 and 8, Dr. Malick counts cheering on tennis, swimming, ballet and taekwondo among her favorite activities.

Dr. Malick loves to dispel the mysteries and common fears of dentistry. “I enjoy talking with my patients, I want them to know as much about their mouths as I do; we’re a team,” she says. Advanced technologies at Dental Excellence offer patients instant viewing of highresolution digital images and x-rays taken inside their mouths while consulting on their care. “Patients understand when viewing images from inside their own mouths in real time, which helps me respond to their concerns and explain their options,” explains Dr. Malick.

Dr. Malick wants new patients to be comfortable, which is why she has always welcomed guests to meet her and tour her office with a complimentary consultation. She is committed to ongoing, continued education for herself and her team because, “dentistry is an evolving field driven by developments in technology and improved materials.” This ensures the Dental Excellence benchmark for state-of-the-art services and results.

Giving back is one of the reasons Dr. Malick is a long-time, certified member of the FBI’s National Dental Image Repository Review Panel. This panel aids the FBI in the dental coding of missing and unidentified persons. “Forensic dentistry allows me to help those who can no longer help themselves,” she says. Dr. Malick is also a member of the Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System. This state organization is deployed after catastrophic events (such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes) to aid in the identification of the victims, bringing closure to families. Dr. Malick and Dental Excellence are also avid supporters of our military troops, families and veterans in both personal and professional endeavors.

Dental Excellence is located at
7955 Airport Pulling Road North in
For more information, call
239.596.3434 or visit

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