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Mayor Bill Barnett

Life in Naples is in full swing! Unfortunately for some it’s not exactly the weather they might have expected, we do know however that it changes quickly.  However, when I look at the weather forecast across the U.S. with Polar Expresses, Arctic Chillers, and a myriad of other weather terms that I have no clue what they might mean, other than bitter cold I realize that Naples is a great
place to be especially at this time of the year.

During our regularly scheduled City Council Meeting last week Linda Penniman who was one of our Council Members unfortunately resigned due to a family health issue. She had three years left on her current Council term and we will have a special City election to fill her seat. The election will be April 2nd and if I had to guess how many applicants we will have for that seat I don’t think I could at this time.

They have until February 8th to file, which isn’t much time considering this isn’t something that one could have possibly given a lot of thought to because none of us knew this was coming. It will be interesting because there really isn’t much time to run a full campaign.

The candidate will have to file the proper papers with our City Clerk, get a treasurer, open a bank account, hire a campaign manager (or run the campaign by themselves which is tough to do), find an advertising company and a printer to do all the printing work including campaign signs if they’re going to use them, and perhaps the toughest of all is to raise money. I’m going to assume which probably isn’t a good idea that none of the potential candidates have had prior experience with running for elected office. We are a city of twenty thousand and have approximately fifteen thousand registered voters.

The second most difficult task that they need to deal with is to convince voters why they should be elected. Now you could say to me that is the case with every election which is true, but with a two month campaign from start to finish give or take a few days this is going to be tough. Yes, there will be the ability
to receive an absentee ballot so whether the voter is here or away they will have a chance to vote. How important to me is getting the right person to fill that seat?

Well, although I have no influence in who the voters select, it is really important to me. If there is one wish I could have, it would be the voters don’t select a single-issue candidate but one who has
a good Naples history and knowledge of how our entire City functions. Of course, I and my fellow Council members as individuals will be asked by the news media as the election gets close to the final stages if we have a preferred candidate and who is that person.

From my many years of campaigns I can assuredly answer yes there will be one. Our voters in the City are smart people and will do their homework and whomever they choose I will be glad to work with that individual and make them feel comfortable with the great team we now have. When you read this, the election will be but a few weeks away and you as a reader can certainly follow along this entire
process from start to finish. I will of course disclose who my choice will be and why I would choose him or

This is the time of year I enjoy the most in Naples! My schedule is non-stop and there isn’t a night during the week and most weekends that my wife and I don’t have an event to attend. Whether it’s doing a charity auction or speaking to a college alumni group and a myriad of other happenings going on in Naples it’s a full schedule. I often get asked do I ever get to spend a night at home and the answer is yes, and although rare they are truly enjoyed!!!!!!!

Enjoy your time in Naples and I do answer my e-mails at

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