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I have to smile as I write this article because I always try and convince the powers that be that because Life in Naples will be on break until August I should be able to extend the length of my May article. Of course they never let me but I know they would think there was something wrong if I didn’t try, so I do.

For those of you that are leaving Naples until the Fall or later we have many projects that get done during the summer months. From re-paving and re-striping City streets to touching up our recreation facilities and our parks and medians it is a never-ending process. It is one that we do because we take great pride in not only our Naples reputation but more importantly it is the people we serve that either live in Naples or just visit us. The over four hundred employees who work for our City truly care about what they do. Over the years I have very rarely received any complaints about them, but I have had many positive comments and letters commending our employees for an act of kindness, a fast response to a problem, or just taking the time to answer a phone call and be that voice on the other end that actually listens and tries to resolve the issue at hand.

My personal feeling is that we are a big family not bosses and people that work for us. Today is April 2nd, and it is still frustrating to me when
I receive a phone call accusing Council of waiting until our winter residents return home to put an item on an upcoming Council agenda in the summer months when they aren’t here. Well, as I said many years ago to a person that was infuriated with our process that we are a City that
operates 24-7, 365 days a year and we don’t shut down for vacations or holidays. Although there are agenda items that are complicated and take many hours of work and staff research I have always tried to not forget that the smallest agenda item is as important to the person who is presenting it as the large one is, and deserves the same respect and consideration. As I head into the balance of April and wonder when and if my weekly calendar will show some signs of slowing down I’ll reflect briefly on this past season. Busy for me is an understatement at best and I love it. From the daily meetings, phone calls, e-mails and nightly seasonal events there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful to those wonderful people I work with.

I’m referring to every one of those employees that I mentioned above and our City Council. Our Police and Fire Departments are certainly included! This past season has been challenging and productive. I am optimistic that our Baker Park will continue to move forward and we will officially start construction by the end of 2017. A new City Dock barring any complications should be completed by December and our new state of the art much needed Fire Station is in the final design stage. Capital Improvement Projects are scheduled for workshops the next few months and our staff will be extremely busy during our summer break.

For all those who are full time residents you may now come out of hibernation because season is officially over! Now you can frequent all the restaurants that you so generously chose to not dine at so a visitor could have your table this past season. Enjoy the peace and quiet, season
will be back before you know it! Tomorrow is the NCAA finals so go Bulldogs! (I have to root for them because we are bulldog owners)! Have a great summer! I do respond to e-mail at

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