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Mayor Bill Barnett

Although I’m sure there can’t be a lot of people in the City of Naples Florida happier than I am to see the year 2017 disappear and the New Year appear on the horizon there might be a few but I don’t know them. I’m not writing about the world and what’s going on around us, which would take me a lot more than a column to do. From not enough rain earlier in the year which resulted with those horrendous fires Collier County encountered to an overabundance of rain, and the grand finale Irma. All I can say is ugh, and I look forward to a busy successful 2018 for all of us here in Naples.

Once again it’s time for New Years resolutions and this year I will definitely make one that I will keep and probably will make some that I won’t. After the thought of where we could have been if the storm surge of Irma had materialized I will not complain one time this season about the heavy traffic that we will encounter, which might be difficult to do but I will do it. I know just how lucky we were and how lucky we are.

It is hard for me to believe that next month I will have served two years of my current four-year terms. Our City Council election will be on Tuesday February 6th, and it will be a bittersweet one for me. There will be three seats up for grabs and two of our current members Sam Saad and Doug Finlay will be termed out after having served two consecutive four-year terms Having served with both of them for the past eight years a feeling of camaraderie is
almost a natural happening although in no way did we agree on everything and we had many a good debate over issues that were on the table.

It is almost as if they will leave a void on Council although I know from my past experience that whomever the voters select to replace them will be fine additions to our City government. Vice mayor Linda Penniman who is eligible for another term has announced that she will run for another term on Council. As of this writing there are six candidates running for three Council seats. I am extremely optimistic of what lies in store for our City in 2018.

Having had a tour of our new almost completed City Dock today I was big time impressed. I know that our fishing captains that will keep their vessels at the dock as well as citizens and visitors alike are going to love it. Our new fire stations that will be built where the old one used to be by City Hall and will be able to withstand a Category Five hurricane, is almost ready for construction. Baker Park will be on its way to becoming a reality as we are scheduled next week for the latest update which I will share with you in February’s article and should be positive.

I am thankful and appreciative for being able to serve you as your Mayor and wish all a Happy, Healthy, and
Prosperous New Year! I do respond to e-mail at:

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