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Irina Cheva, Beauty Expert and Founder of BeautyDermaPro in Naples, shares her beauty secrets.

Skincare philosophy?

The less layers you strip down from the top of the epidermis, the more protection you have from the environmental pollution and UVB rays.

Lessons learned that your “younger” self would have benefitted from?

Nourish your body consistently and treat it as if you were hired to take care of a princess.

Favorite skincare products?

Beautydermapro’s exclusive skincare line. It has all the beneficial elements that your skin craves and lacks perfumes, preservatives and other chemicals that we don’t need.

Favorite makeup trick?

Individually designed permanent makeup! It isn’t about “tricks” – it offers solutions. The best part is that you will look the same day, night and after sweating/swimming.

Favorite anti-aging procedure?

The number one thing to prevent anti-aging is microneedling. Its collagen-induction therapy helps to resolve large pores, rosacea, skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, lost tonus and wrinkles.

Beauty/spa treatments?

The Vitamin Infusion treatment offered two weeks post microneedling aids skin cell rejuvenation. During this procedure, the skin is exfoliated for the first time since microneedling. During the lymphodrynatic massage, the dead cells are moved out from the lymph nodes. A mask is then applied loaded with vitamins, minerals, collagen and micro elements leaving your skin looking glowing and dewy.

Philosophy for staying healthy?

Eat often and make “smart” choices in food. And keep yourself happy with whatever makes you happy. Stress is your worst enemy.

Founder and beauty expert, Irina Cheva is a Florida state licensed permanent makeup artist and esthetician with a background in science and research. Cheva is specifically certified in paramedical micropigmentation, microneedling, 6D brows microblading and tattoo elimination.

To schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation, go online: or Call: 239-877-1388 For more information, visit

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