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We’re into the holiday season now with so many gift giving opportunities in front of us. What to choose? Many of us have come to a place where—while we appreciate each gesture—we simply don’t need more things. We prefer experiences.

The memories made from precious and unique experiences last the rest of our lives with a freshness that never fades.


We might overlook the experience of gifting a loved one with a unique and thoughtful piece of jewelry. This cannot only keep us close to those we love—but honestly, the story will continue unfolding over time as the wearer enjoys rare pieces. At some point, they may pass them forward to loved ones.


We caught up with celebrated jeweler William Boyajian at Port Royal Jewelers in Naples who has been creating with one of a kind gemstones for years. The experience of connecting a client to a rare stone is one of the most gratifying aspects of his work. “Most collectors come to us because they know that we are curators of unique gems. People often come to me years later and thank me for their investment as the stones go up in price and some rare gems are not even available anymore.”

And for jewelry fans, discovering a new gem can be unforgettable moment. “Most people don’t know the more exotic gems, but we educate them as soon as they connect with the beauty and desirability of something that is rare and unusual,” he explains. This is a complete shift away from consumerism to developing an eye and a taste for something unique. “I try to make them aware that if they are attracted to something there is a reason,” Boyajian says.

If someone is waffling—and wondering if this is the time to select that awesome and rare piece, Boyajian offers a bit of advice. “I would encourage you that if you don’t get it now, more than likely there’s no way to reproduce it in the future,” he points out. As with all original jewelry set in rare gems, you only get one shot at owning a special piece he cautions. “Almost always if I go back to a client who has purchased an item and explain that I have someone else who wants that piece, and would they be willing to sell them back to me at a profit—not one of them ever has said oh sure I’ll sell them.”

Photo’s on right: Paraiba tourmaline, blue sapphire and diamond one of a kind 18K gold earrings
with detachable azurite malachite pear shaped drop cabochon pendants.

Photo’s on right: Handmade rare Watermelon Tourmaline slice earrings in 18K rose gold
with rose cut sliced watermelon tourmaline centers and pink sapphire slices,
color enhanced green diamonds and green Tsavorite garnets.
Photo courtesy Port Royal Jewelers.



So this holiday season, consider all the options that present themselves for your gift-giving moments. Whether it’s the experience of giving someone an unforgettable life moment or starting them on a journey to a lifetime of appreciating the rare and unusual gemstone, you’ll get heartfelt gratitude.

This is a good season to remind those we love — that we DO love them!

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