by Clay Cox

What an exciting time to be in the kitchen business or better yet, what an exciting time to be able to re-do your kitchen.

In the more than 26 years I’ve been designing, building and installing kitchens I have never seen so many new things in such a short period of time. My problem in writing for you today is, do I keep these changes a secret so that Kitchens by Clay can continue to be a kitchens design leader in Southwest Florida or do I let the “cat out of the bag?

“For instance, do I tell you about the hundreds of storage solutions available at all price points that weren’t around as little as five years ago? We can show you how only three inches will make even a small kitchen look much larger, but I can’t tell you how here. You’ll just have to stop by.

Is everyone familiar with a relatively new countertop surface that is off the charts in sales right now? It’s called quartz and we can fill you in on the details about quartz tops when you visit our showroom.

Did you know that you can get quartz in oversized slabs, thus eliminating any seam you may have had with that extra-large island we designed into your new kitchen?

How about lighting? No more fluorescent lights. No more incandescent lighting. No more halogen lights with all the heat they put off. Now we have LED lights that we are all just beginning to get familiar with. But did you know there are styles and degree of light available in LED that will make any kitchen shine?

The key to our success has always been to stay ahead of the curve. We make sure we are aware of what’s out there and we are always anticipating what will be the next generation in kitchen design for our clients.

There are three easy ways to see what we do and to show you how we are in fact working on tomorrow’s kitchen designs as well as putting our own spin on today’s designs. Go to or and enter in Kitchens by Clay Naples FL to see a plethora of photographs of our kitchens and more.

It would be even better if you can stop by our 4,000-square-foot showroom here on the southwest corner of Airport and Vanderbilt beach roads where we will be happy to talk with you.

Please E-mail Clay with your questions or comments at

Enjoy your remodel, Clay Cox


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