Kitchen Trends That Will Last

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

by Clay Cox Owner/President – Kitchens by Clay

In the design business no matter what branch we may belong to we are subject to trends. There are always the questions as to “will this trend last?” and/or “when will it go out of style?”.

On the photo below you will see a photo of one of the three displays that we finished in 2021. Obviously, we want to display what we believe to be the future and not the past which makes us especially proud of this display.

White cabinetry is still a very popular color for kitchens everywhere. It simply is not going anywhere, and especially in coastal communities from Maine to Florida and NewJersey to California, white or light-colored kitchens will always be a dominant color choice.

As you can see, we chose to add color to the island which in this case is a blue color called Twilight. The backsplash however is currently in the forefront of trends. Bold and beautiful is the way to go with backsplashes this year and for more to come. This splash compliments the white cabinetry and the top with grey marbling, while also adding a nod to the Champagne Gold hardware with the gold trim accents around each hexagon of tile.

One of the most prominent trends the last few years is tall cabinetry some even up to 12’ tall. But that is not always possible especially in the luxury high-rises along the coast where nine foot-high ceilings are the norm. In this case we elevated the hood, which is also trimmed out with metal Champagne Gold accents, and the refrigerator enclosure to be taller than the rest to give it that taller feel without the extra cost to bring every cabinet up to height.

We also broke the uppers into two parts. The lower section is easily reachable by all and will accommodate the closed-door storage needs. While the upper section can be used for display purposes (note the horizontal glass doors flanking the hood) or for more closed-door storage.

Overall, we have a simple design with clean lines and great storage solutions giving people what they want now and keeping with future trends.
Enjoy your home!
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